After the wedding Laura sent me a little info about a few of her favorite parts of her day:

“Not exactly unique, but obviously the one thing I was most excited for was just getting to marry Dave”

I mean isn’t that the cutest?  I loved that when I asked her what she was looking forward to about the wedding this was first on her mind, not things but Dave!  It says so much about her heart for him and the amazing marriage they are going to have.  She also liked some of the fun stuff!  Here is what she had to say about that:

“I absolutely loved being able to have both the A&M and UT aspects come together for our wedding. Being able to have the half maroon and half burn orange koozies, as well as playing the Aggie War Hymn and the Eyes of Texas to represent both my and Dave’s alma maters was great (and it was a plus that we didn’t have any “school fights” break out or anything like that!).

Another thing I also loved about out wedding was that we were able to have a photobooth. Dave and I have always loved taking photobooth pictures together; it doesn’t matter where we are, anytime we find a photobooth, we have to take a picture together! We were able to take copies of some of the pictures we have taken together over the years in photobooths and blow them up for a poster to put next to our photobooth!

Another thing we both feel so blessed to have had on our wedding day was that we were able to have so many of our family members and friends some celebrate us from so many difference parts of the country (and world). We had family come in from East Texas, Dallas, Pennsylvania, Boston, but also had friends who came in from Florida, NYC, California, and even Australia! We felt so much love being able to celebrate with everyone!”


It was an awesome celebration!  We had a fabulous time and I want to thank every vendor that worked so hard to make this night such a success:

Sarabeth Events – Georgette Poole

George W. Bush Center

Freesia – Florist

Circle Park Bridal

Turquoise Video

Erin Blair – Hair & Makeup

Marquee Rentals

Panini Bakery

In10City Band

Traveling Photo Booth

Elite Vallet

Premier Transportation






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