Kristy and Jared were married on Oct 26th on a day with an extreme forecast.  Leading up to their day I think the bride, me and everyone involved may have been compulsively checking the weather.  We saw the chance of rain change back and forth and as we all prayed super hard we were blessed with no rain!  Well, that is until later that night, but we made the best of that!  The sky’s rainy forecast though made for fabulous ceremony pictures like the one above as the clouds picked up all the sunset colors.  Before the ceremony I met up with Kristy at The Magnolia Hotel before heading over to the Texas Discovery Gardens.  Her girls were all so sweet and I loved the exchanges between her and Mom and Dad, the emotion just filled the room.  It was pretty darn cool.  Jared and his guys were goofy guys but when Kristy took that aisle his face was filled with tears.  She was truly breathtaking and so was his little girl who walked the aisle before her announcing to Dad the Kristy was on the way.  Stay tuned tomorrow for more photos from their reception.

-Tracy Autem

Venue – Texas Discovery Gardens

Bridal Gown – Lewisville Bridal Boutique

Sugar City Sweets & Celebrations – Cakes and Catering

Dallas Light & Sound – DJ

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