Kirsten & Ryan – Preperations and Wedding Ceremony at City Club of Fort Worth

As I said in my other post this couple knows how to party and the above photo with the reaction to their announcement as Man and Wife shows that.  Often we get a celebratory fist pump from the groom or a bouquet in the air by the bride but seldom do both just break out in celebration as these two did.  Scroll on to see their preparations, ceremony and wedding day slide show.

Pretty shoes, reflections and perfect light make for a happy photographer.

Kirsten’s sister and matron of honor polishing up her speech.

Stunningly beautiful as Kirsten slips into her gown.

Then a celebration as it is zipped up.

Mom and sister helping with the veil.

Seeing Dad for the first time as a Bride.

 Quick cheers with all her ladies!

Love this kiss with her Mom, so sweet.

Kirsten made one beautiful bride!

Ryan and his boys horsing around on the balcony of The Renaissance Worthington

Loved Ryan’s emotional response (above) and Kirsten’s joyful response (below) to their notes they wrote one another.

LOVE that it was their grandparents anniversary and that we caught this joyful couple walking down the aisle as though it was their own wedding day again.  Makes me get all teary.

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  1. What a fun day for the newlyweds! THAT WAS ONE OF THE BEST WEDDINGS EVER!! The pictures still make me cry…when I see how
    beautiful Kirsten looked that day and all the fun she had with her friends, it still makes me tear up how beautiful love can really be!
    Congratulations to the photographer…they depicted the day so beautifully and some of the black and white photos were extraordinary as well!
    When they look at these wonderful pictures, they will relive their wedding day all over again, and again…Thanks for sharing your pictures and YOUR DAY with everyone….it was truly a very memorable day for everyone who attended!!


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