Kimberly & Mark {Engaged} TCU Library and downtown Fort Worth

I adored this couple from the moment we met and Kimberly said that after meeting me no one else compared and she had to make it happen.  I am so glad she did and a big thanks to her Grandma for encouraging her to work with me because I just love this couple!  Kimberly and Mark are currently doing the long distance thing as she is in medical school in Houston and he is working up here but hopefully she will be up here for residency very soon.  I have a ton of couples that met through their time in school and this couple is no different, meeting at the TCU library.  When they told me that I knew it was the perfect place for some photos as well as around campus.  Kimberly brought along their two doggies as well dressed as a bride and groom!  Kim actually made the veil herself and the dogs were more obedient than my dog would ever be (thanks to our dog wrangling team! Amanda on my staff and Kim’s Mom, Grandma and little bro).  We finished up down town by the awesome flat iron building and a few spots by sun dance square that I love.

Can’t wait to see you guys again!

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