Kelsey & Matthew – Wedding Reception at Aristide Event Center in Mansfield

Just look at those sweet faces all squishy and happy.  How can you not just fall in love with this couple?  After their very emotional preparations and ceremony it was time for some romantic portraits and a superb reception with dinner and dancing at Aristide Event Center.  Their day was flawless and that could not have been accomplished with out a solid team of vendors lead by their wedding planner, Julie Eastman of Extraordinary Events.

 Kelsey & Matt’s Vendor Team:

Julie Eastman of Extraordinary Events – Event Design and Coordination

Lush Couture Floral

Bliss Bridal – Brides Attire

Nordstrom – Bridesmaids Attire

Frosted Art – Cakes

City Kitchen Catering

Kess Salon – Make up and Hair

 Here is their wedding highlights slide show with all my favorite moments:

Her heals were sinking in.  🙂

Couples that express themselves excite me, here Matthew is making a silly kissy face that makes me squeal with delight.

So serene and sweet

BUT they always quickly turn to laughs (and this is why their marriage will WORK!)

No, Matt is not really taking a bite of this dove but I thought it was so funny I had to share, so his personality.

The room looked perfect in the soft gold, ivory and pale pink tones.  (Way to go Julie & Deitra!)

Pure Bouquet awesomeness with fabulous texture, the wheat in front is a perfect touch.

Lace wrapped the vessels for the floral on the tables, it was very sweet.

Baby’s Breath done right and looking OH so elegant.

First Dance sweetness.

Kelsey and her Dad took a little twirl around the dance floor.

As a Mom I just get goose pimples looking at this, I can imagine holding my son the very same way some day.

Matt had a little TOO much fun with his KEG cake by Frosted Art (It looked TOTALLY real!)

This is Kelsey responding to her husband’s foolishness with his cake.

Getting into an old German Tradition.

A German tradition MUST be followed by a Polka…..Right?

Kelsey and her Theta girls

I love how boys always seem to congregate together to PONDER.

Yes sweetie, YOU get to throw the bouquet!

Rarely do I see a crowed of men so anxious to catch the garter.

Horned Frogs!!!  TCU!!!

A little DIP caught on the dance floor.

Bye guys!  Hope you had a wonderful honeymoon and I can’t wait to see you again soon!


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