Kelli & Dustin {Engaged} laid back locations in Temple, Texas

I am  going to start this post by breaking the hearts of all my DFW clients, these super cool locations and amazing bluebonnet fields are in Temple, Texas.  Yep, last week I hoped in my car and headed south down I35 to meet up with these two for their engagement session in Temple.  They had to drive in after classes ended that afternoon in College Station.  Kelli & Dustin will be getting married in Temple at her home church in December.  It was fun to explore her home town and see their church.  I can’t wait for their wedding!  The church is so unique and has a beautiful layout and stained glass.  Dustin and Kelli are SO sweet and I am completely sold on their love.  From thumb wars, silly looks, puffed out cheeks and kisses on noses that made me swoon through out the session.  Daddy’s have a good intuition about what is best for their daughters and the way Dustin talks about Kelli’s Dad I can see he respects his soon to be Father in law and the feeling is mutual.  I hope Dustin will be finding a job soon, as he will be graduating shortly, up my way so that I can photograph these two for years to come as their relationship grows and so does their family (a Dog is definitely on the horizon!!!)

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