Fort Worth, Texas

Net year I will get to hang out in this very spot with Kathryn & John as they say I do!  John and Kathryn's Mom had to pull allot of strings and tell many fibs to get Kathryn to the chapel for a "tour."  They live outside of the Texas area and they have been planning and discussing getting  married for awhile - little did she know that while she thought she was coming to look at a possible ceremony location that her Mom & John had already made plans.  John wanted to propose where they would be married - so Kathryn said yes when he asked and next year they will both say I DO!  Once she said yes their families and a few close friends came out of hiding to celebrate with them and we took some engagement photos outside the chapel!  These two and their families are so sweet and such amazing people to be around - I know their wedding is going to be AWESOME!


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