Dallas, Texas

I am so happy that I get to be part of Kathryn & John's wedding journey. A few months ago I had a front row seat for their proposal at Marty Leonard Chapel. It is so amazing when I get to start photographing my couples from the YES!

These two are sweet and it is truly a pleasure just to be in their presence. Their love for each other is obvious - I mean just look at how that cute little smile creeps over Kathryns face when John wraps his arms around her. The best!

These two just made a big move to Florida for work so literally right after Kathryn joined John they headed to Texas for their engagement session with me and some wedding planning. They have done long distance for so much of their relationship I am so excited for them to finally get to be in the same place. I know they are going to make a great home together in Florida.

Can't wait for the wedding next year and to hear about their lives in their new city!


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