Planning for a wedding is fun and exciting but sometimes nature changes our plans.  Hayley and David were set to wed on a day that became rather rainy but because they had an expert planner at their side and awesome attitudes they moved their outside wedding indoors to the chapel at their home church – Prestonwood – and make a rainy day beautiful!  We met up with these two at The Statler in downtown Dallas to get ready for the wedding before their vows.

I asked these two what they were looking forward to most a few months ago about their wedding and their answer was perfect!  Why?  Because they knew this day was about more than plans – it was about them, their marriage and those they love.  This attitude is what made this day exceptional!  Here is what Hayley had to say:

“Celebrating more than just the bride and groom. Celebrating the support system we have around us. Really loving on those who have built the strong community around us and celebrating the great love David and I have found.” – Hayley

We truly saw the support system and strong community in Hayley & David’s lives – congrats guys on an amazing marriage!  Shout out to all the vendors for their flexibility and hard work to make this day gorgeous:

Borrowed & Blue Occasions

Dream Weddings – Floral

Patsy’s Bridal

Marc Roberts Videography

Bella Bridesmaids

The Styling Stewardess

Premier Transportation

Prestonwood Church

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