Fine Art Photography {Holga Film Strips} in New Orleans

Thanks to all our friends, vendors and Fort Worth people that came out and braved the rain on Saturday night to the Arts Goggle.  It was a treat to show off the progress on our new studio that we hope to be operating out of some time in November.  The Arts Goggle also gives myself and my staff a chance to share our fine art photography.  One thing that sets our company apart is that all members of my team have fine art photography degrees.  This means we all learned how to shoot on good old film cameras, played in the dark room, miss the smell of the chemicals deeply and love having a chance to truly play with a camera.  We find that putting forth a theme for our Arts Goggle shows works best and this year we displayed photos each of us captured in New Orleans last year using a film camera called a Holga.  This little “toy camera” as it is referred to by many has very little controls, takes 120 sized film, is plastic and comes in some super cute colors.  I first fell in love with the simplicity of this camera in college as it truly becomes all about composition and the unexpected.  You can shoot the camera as individual frames, you can easily expose each frame multiple times or you can shoot the negative as one long overlapping strip.  The later is my favorite and when I’m shooting it forces me to think about the last frame and how it could potentially interact with the next.  I wanted to share the work I displayed over the weekend, enjoy!

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