Family & Kids Portraits in Atlanta!

        Little girl vintage outside walking atlanta tracy autem photography
        Love this little girl, I could just pinch her.

        Most of my clients and readers know I was out of town last week. Nope, not a end of summer vacation.  It was a business trip.  I am super lucky that for me a business trip is the most fun thing in the world because I get to do what I love.  No, I wasn’t shooting a wedding in some super cool place.  I was taking time out to exercise my brain, learn from some fantastic photographers and shoot some kids and families!  I am a firm believer that education can never end and that in order to continue loving what I do and ensuring that you love it too I have to continuously learn new things.

        Weddings are most definitely the cornerstone of Tracy Autem &  Lightly Photography but we also love to do portraits.  This year I fell in love with photographing families because my husband and I had our first baby.  It has thrown an entire new dynamic into my life and into the way that I see children and parents.  This workshop in Atlanta allowed me to see portraits in some new lights with some great photographers including: Liana Lehman, Amber Horlitz, Heather Essian, Garrett Nudd & Alice Park.  Each were so different, some very far from what I do and others really close to how I approach my clients.  We had some classroom time and then the best part, shooting!  We had “models” that were real life families from all over the city.  They came to one house with 30 photographers and these kids did great.  I don’t do well with one camera pointed at me so I was super impressed with them and their parents.  Here are some favorite photos from the model sessions.

        little boy girl cowboy boots atlanta tracy autem photography
        Even in Georgia they are all about the boots!
        little girl pink tutu window pearls fort worth texas tracy autem photography
        This little angel was just days from turning 1 and just precious. I adore the light kissing her face in this shot.
        baby boy newborn couch fort worth texas tracy autem photography
        This little boy is a few weeks old and is his Mommy's first baby.
        little girls sisters playing tea fort worth texas tracy autem photography
        Would you like some tea?
        brothers sisters telling secrets steps fort worth texas tracy autem photography
        The little one was not that into hearing any secrets but it sure is cute.
        little girl pink tutu 1 year old birthday fort worth texas tracy autem photography
        She is ready for her birthday party!
        little girl reading book fort worth texas tracy autem photography
        reading a book together makes for special moments.
        brothers sisters holding hands fort worth texas tracy autem photography
        The little one just steals the show from her also adorable older siblings.

        sisters hugging hands fort worth texas tracy autem photography
        These little girls were not my "models" but they stole my heart and were not really wanting to coperate with their photographer. I captured this on the fly when the older sister was not that into hugging. I really like it though.
        little girl smiling fort worth texas tracy autem photography
        pretty smile and super blue eyes!
        August 3, 2010