Eugenia & Michael {Married Part 2 – First Look & Portraits} Fort Worth Modern Art Museum & Botanic Gardens

There are two things I  LOVE, love, LOVE to photograph.  Breathtaking romantic portraits and moments that happen once and give me goose bumps.  First looks make both these things happen and are there fore my favorite thing.  NOW, they are not for everyone.  In fact most of my brides and grooms are quite traditional and opt to see each other for the first time when her Daddy gives her away.  For my brides that are a bit modern and don’t feel married to tradition it is an opportunity like no other.  Complete privacy when she is unveiled as a bride and time to talk, hug, kiss and be excited with no prying eyes (except my lens.)  Eugenia and Michael choose to see each other behind the Rose Garden at the Botanic Garden on a less traveled path for some intimacy.  I just glowed, almost as much as Micheal, when they embraced and cheesed it up at each other.  What happened after was ample time to play in the gardens, photograph the families and bridal party as well time at the Fort Worth Modern.  The Modern is truly a treat to photograph at, how can it not be?  Surrounded by world class architecture and modern works of art… is definitely my cup of tea.  It is also a one of a kind shoot as ONLY couples having their wedding reception are allowed to take photos in the galleries.  Come back by tomorrow to see their highlights slide show as well as their details and reception blog!

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