Creme de la Creme {Cakes} – A Fort Worth Favorite!

I get to eat allot of cake, but I don’t eat it at every wedding because over the years I have become a cake snob.  I fully admit it.  There are a few companies that when I see them on my brides vendor lists I salivate and look forward to their cake cutting and ultimately the slice of cake I get to eat.  One such company is Creme de la Creme of Fort Worth.  Jaimie and her staff not only make one tasty cake but do a fabulous job on the outside too.  Your wedding cake and grooms cake are you show stoppers, your main centerpiece and statement in you reception room.  It has to look good and when you cut into it you want your guests to be fighting to get some.  With Creme de la Creme you can’t go wrong.

In preparation for my son’s first birthday I headed over to their store in east Fort Worth for a tasting.  I love the atmosphere, all their sample cakes and best of all…..tasting all the flavors!  Man, there were more than I even knew, some I never had before and it was just to die for.  Jaimie made me the cutest farm cupcake tower and cake for my son’s party AND that chocolate cake with the Carmel chocolate filling was super moist and completely eaten.  I believe in this company and trust them completely so if you are looking for a cake for any occasion give them a call at 817-492-8888 or email them at holderj@sbcglobal.net.

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