Courtney & Adam

Creating Time for Storytelling

Trinity River Audubon Center

Your wedding day is going to go by quickly but it doesn't have to feel like a whirlwind. With careful planning and discussion ahead of time we can create pockets of time on your day where you can slow down, connect and enjoy your most important relationships. I am fully focused on you, I will navigate and photograph your wedding based on what you want and need most - and often that is storytelling.

So how do we do this?

First, I communicate with you months ahead of the wedding to start planning your day of portraits and moments. We gather info from you and connect in person or on zoom to go over your requests and figure out exactly the best way to approach your day. This means on the wedding day you and I can be truly in the moment for the most authentic images.

Then, I reach out to your planner and align your photography needs with all of the information and desires you have shared with them. Together, we ensure your wedding timeline has room for everything you want and need.

Finally, on the wedding day it unfolds and we have intentionally crafted a timeline and plan that exceeds all your expectations. We have created moments for you to have special time with your parents or bridesmaids. We set aside time for a first look that isn't just a quick reveal but allows you to connect and catch up with your favorite person in the world after being apart all day. Maybe you want some time away from the camera and a private dinning experience needs to be built in. Whatever your wishes are I work with you, your planning team and parents to ensure it happens.

Courtney & Adam had a day that was successfully planned to allow for exactly these types of storytelling moments. We arrived early to allow Courtney to leisurely prepare before the formalities began. But, within that we had allotted plenty of time for her to be with each of the people she values for special reveals, gift exchanges and chats. Sunset photos at their natural venue were one of the most important things for the couple so we knocked out most of her family portraits pre-ceremony to give her the most time during that golden light.

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