Christina & Mason {Engaged} Fort Worth Urban session in the South Side

For my last photo shoot of 2010 I met up with Christina & Mason for their engagement session.  They are getting married in just a few short weeks in February with a candle lit ceremony at Marty Leonard Chapel and a reception at City Club Fort Worth.  I can’t wait, especially after spending time with these two!

Christina and Mason dated in high school and have had an on/off relationship ever since and thankfully now it is fully on and they are walking down the aisle.  It makes complete sense to me after just a few hours with these two.  They are completely goofy and silly with one another and extremely sweet.  I love how Christina plays with his hair and how they just giggle all the time (Mason giggles in a very masculine way though.)  It was a huge compliment that Christina selected me for her photography as she has a degree in photography (Her sister does too!) and is teaching elementary art and hopes to pursue photography professionally in the future.  It is always a trip when I get to use technical words during a shoot and know that a client gets what I am doing.

You two were the icing on the cake for 2010 and the most perfect session to start the new year on the blog!  See you both in February!

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  1. Number 10 of Sarah & Symon. I liked the looks of the jeans & how they blend with building colors. They looked like they were “sneaking” a kiss when no one was looking!

  2. I vote for number 13. Bethany is just a beautiful bride and I know that Rob loves her dearly. They are an amazing couple. I admit that I am a little biased since I am the father of the bride.

  3. Bethany and Rob’s photo is amazing! She looks like an old hollywood movie star! I am dying right now it is so gorgeous!


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