Christal and Scott have been together for 9 years, since middle school when Scott got up the nerve to ask her out and they have been together ever since.  When their wedding comes around they will be just shy of a decade together!  It is so fun to see a couple that fell in love so young so strong in their relationship and finally getting married.  Christal choose 2 of my favorite Fort Worth photo locations, Van Zandt Cottage & Trinity Park.  They are simple, classic and so perfect with marvelous light at almost any time of day.  Their pup joined us for a few family photos and we managed to keep her from chasing all the squirrels.  They are so much fun to be around too and I can’t wait for Scott and all his friends shenanigans on the wedding day.  We are going to have a blast at this one!  They are getting help planning their wedding at The Fort Worth Club from Abbie Oswalt so I know it will be marvelously pulled together.  March will be here before we know it!

-Tracy Autem

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