Blum, Texas

So excited to share this lovely country wedding of Chantelle &Rusty. The Stonebridge venue was so picturesque - when I thought I had seen it all the venue manager took me on a tour and showed me spot after spot of natural beauty. It's a truly gorgeous and unique natural location.

When I met Chantelle a few months ago I was so excited to chat with her - she is a fellow photographer so she knew what she wanted. She valued technical ability, knowledge of lighting and things most clients never ask about. Its as a pleasure getting to know her and following her photography on Instagram.

Music brought this two together so that was a big theme in their day - they purposely selected a Dj that got them. I love how they met:

"We met when I was intending on going to see a friend's new band. He was in my friend's band and I was going to buy a ticket from him for the show. The show was a month out and we met up and had our first "date but not date" that Friday night at Trees in Deep Ellum at another local metal show. That night we found out we knew a ton of the same people and just hit it off from there. We've been together 4 1/2 years now and the wedding will be slightly over 5 years of being together. " - Chantelle

They also LOVE their puppies so they joined the wedding party and walked down the aisle with the bridesmaids and groomsmen. They were so sweet and adorable in their custom collars!

It was a lovely day with so much fun, laughter and puppy snuggles. Thanks Chantelle and Rusty for allowing me to be part of your wedding day!

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