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Classic Oaks Ranch – An amazing rustic wedding and reception venue


I love ranch weddings and I am so excited to see more and more beautiful ranch’s opening up their gates to brides and grooms.  Classic Oaks Ranch is a new wedding and reception venue in Mansfield, Texas and I fell in love as soon as I drove through the gates.  I was greeted by a few camels, rolling landscape with oak trees and some beautiful cattle.  The ranch is 230 acres and is a working cattle and equestrian facility.

Their ceremony spot is a natural altar between two towering Oak Trees.  Also on site is an 18,000 square foot climate controlled event barn with a stone fireplace, a bridal suite including a fully equipped salon, groom lounge, guest accommodations, and a 2,500 square foot party pavilion.  It is breathtaking and the perfect place for a rustic vintage ranch wedding.

I was thrilled to be invited by the owners of the ranch and Gold Dust Vintage to participate in a photo shoot to show off their recently renovated facility.  We were joined by Daniel Troupe of Lynn Films who captures our shenanigans on film and gives you a much better feel for the flow and vibe at Classic Oaks.  All of our vintage rentals were provided by Gold Dust Vintage, they have an fantastic array of items for rent for any event.  Twigs Floral provided all of our flowers.  My favorite bridal salon, Bliss Bridal, provided our two gowns.  Todd Bush, with Oliver’s Fine Foods, brought us some scrumptious items to complete our head table.  May I serve you provided table linens and other rentals and Lucia Bitnar with Foster Blue helped style the day.  Paper products provided by Inviting Ink.

Check out Daniel’s video, you can tell we had fun & that this new wedding location is perfection!  To see it full screen go HERE.


Classic Oaks Ranch from Lynn Films on Vimeo.

Brides of North Texas Spring 2011 Issue

Have you seen the latest Brides of North Texas Magazine?  We have and L O V E it, like really love.  In my opinion it is the ultimate in planning for the North Texas area.  What makes this publication unique is their approach to content.  In so many magazines you see ad’s and stock photography or weddings from other parts of the state and country.  Not here, everything is local from the first page to the last.  We are so excited to be a part of this publication and can’t wait to see how we can contribute to the next issue.  Below are some samples of my work featured through out the magazine.  You can also check out in the Engagement announcements my couple, Lindsey & Jason (They also grace the first page of that section!!)  In wedding announcements Stacey & Brent’s wedding at Marty Leonard Chapel & Ashton Depot is smashing.  If you haven’t seen the magazine yourself pick one up at Barnes & Noble, Central Market an upcoming bridal show or stop by and see us, we would love to give you one.

Creme de la Creme {Cakes} – A Fort Worth Favorite!

I get to eat allot of cake, but I don’t eat it at every wedding because over the years I have become a cake snob.  I fully admit it.  There are a few companies that when I see them on my brides vendor lists I salivate and look forward to their cake cutting and ultimately the slice of cake I get to eat.  One such company is Creme de la Creme of Fort Worth.  Jaimie and her staff not only make one tasty cake but do a fabulous job on the outside too.  Your wedding cake and grooms cake are you show stoppers, your main centerpiece and statement in you reception room.  It has to look good and when you cut into it you want your guests to be fighting to get some.  With Creme de la Creme you can’t go wrong.

In preparation for my son’s first birthday I headed over to their store in east Fort Worth for a tasting.  I love the atmosphere, all their sample cakes and best of all…..tasting all the flavors!  Man, there were more than I even knew, some I never had before and it was just to die for.  Jaimie made me the cutest farm cupcake tower and cake for my son’s party AND that chocolate cake with the Carmel chocolate filling was super moist and completely eaten.  I believe in this company and trust them completely so if you are looking for a cake for any occasion give them a call at 817-492-8888 or email them at

Melinda Massie – Professional Organizer and just plain Fabulous! Fort Worth Head Shots

Photography by Tracy Autem Photography Fort Worth Head shotI have known Melinda for ages!  In fact she was the first wedding coordinator I ever worked with.  In my first year of business I photographed a fun wedding at the Fort Worth Zoo and Melinda was working as the event coordinator there at the time.  Fast forward some years and know Melinda is concentrating on a new avenue, professional organizing!  Lord knows we all need help with that!  She can whip your home office into shape, re-do your business show room or just help you do a major overhaul in your life when it comes to where things go.  I asked Melinda to share some tips on kitchen organization as I know that for my family that is the hub of the home.  It gets completely disorganized!  Plus with all my bride readers out there these tips may help as you unpack those kitchen gifts after your honeymoon!

The easiest way to make a huge impact in your kitchen is to remove everything except non-essential items from your countertops.  Clean countertops create the illusion of lots of space and openness, even in the smallest of kitchens.  If you have appliances that you use daily, leave counter top appliances to two max.

Organizing your pantry:

  • Start by sorting through all of your foods and pairing like items with like, then purge all expired foods.  Donate foods that you won’t eat but are still good to your local food bank.
  • Place foods you eat often and other frequent-use items at eye level.  If you’re trying to eat healthier, place junk foods in harder access areas.
  • Keep older foods to the front and newer foods towards the back.  This helps you remember what foods you have to eat or preserve before they go bad.  Employ this trick in your refrigerator as well to back on food waste.
  • Lazy susans and small tiered shelves are great add-ins to help you see all of your canned goods and spices.  You can also Velcro spices to the inside of a cabinet door.  Other ways to make better use of your space are to keep dry goods, grains and pastas in stylish canisters on your counter or store them in storage containers instead of their original bags.  If using storage containers in the cabinet, opt for square over round to utilize all of your cabinet real estate.
  • If you have a lot of vertical space between shelves, small wire add-in shelves will make good use of the excess space.

Photography by Tracy Autem Photography Fort Worth Head shot

Photography by Tracy Autem Photography Fort Worth Head shot

Photography by Tracy Autem Photography Fort Worth Head shot

Photography by Tracy Autem Photography Fort Worth Head shot

Photography by Tracy Autem Photography Fort Worth Head shot

Photography by Tracy Autem Photography Fort Worth Head shot

Photography by Tracy Autem Photography Fort Worth Head shot

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