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Merry Christmas 2013!!



Merry Christmas from my little family and the team at Lightly Photography!  Here is our very own Fall Portraits taken by my awesome associate team, Sarah Rizy & Amanda McCollum.  I love all these as they really show off my families silliness.  In case you didn’t know I am totally outnumbered, A husband, 2 sons, a boy dog and a  male cat means a whole lot of boy and little girly me.  We have lots of fun and I don’t think I would have it any way. Hope your Christmas is filled with happiness and craziness like ours surely will be.  Catch you in the New Year!

-Tracy Autem

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Tracy Autem & Lightly Photography Film Promo by Turqouise Video

Tracy Autem Photography & Lightly Photography from Turquoise Video Productions on Vimeo.

We are SOOOOOO excited to finally share this amazing film by Adrienne and Aytek of Turquoise Video Productions. They are a fan favorite of ours and we love working with them every chance we get. Working with them on this short film about myself, my wonderful team and most importantly my family was awesome. They totally got me, the studio and my love for relationship and photography. I’ll be honest, when I watched it the first time I teared up because it was so perfect. Seeing my photographers laughing, my sweet dog and most of all my loves, my boys, JW, Alex and Gideon. Thank you so much Turquoise team for making this happen for me.

So if you want to know more about me and my studio watch on.

Side note: This video showed me how truly blessed I am, I give all praise to God. I am so thankful.

-Tracy Autem

Welcome Gideon Matthew!

We are so excited to announce the newest addition to the Tracy Autem & Lightly Photography Family. Gideon Matthew was born October 13 at 8:02 am . He weighed 9lbs and 3 oz and is 20.5 inches. I was so blessed to be there when Tracy and her husband got to hold their precious baby boy for the very first time and I wanted to share some of those images. Of course I couldn’t help but cry as I experienced their joy with them. We all truly are a family.

Sarah Rizy

The Autem Family is Growing!

This October we will be welcoming a new little one to the Autem Family!  Alexander will be a big brother and a fabulous one at that.  He already practices with his Bob the Builder “baby” doll and loves to feed anything that moves.  We are so very excited about it and will of course be sharing photos of my growing belly and the little Neeboo (pronounced Knee – boo).  Alex was Weeboo so this baby has taken on the name Neeboo until we find out what they are later in May.  What do you think I will have???

Alex likes to hold and kiss the photo of his baby, when I brought it home and told him what it was he immediately kissed it.

LOVE this photo.  As happy as I know he will be to be a BIG brother other times he will feel like this.   🙂  I sympathize, JW and I are both the oldest siblings in our families.

Summer is Over – Back to school and Fall means Family & Senior Photo Time!

little boy back yard kiddie pool tracy autem photography  lifestyle

My little guy enjoying summer swimming in the buff! There is no other way when you are this little. 🙂

This summer was amazing.  The Lightly Photo and Tracy Autem team had some amazing weddings, fabulous new babies, cool seniors and great families this summer and we are looking forward to all this new school year and fall will bring.

Fall is a great time to update your family portraits for the holidays and we will be rolling out NEW specials this year starting in September so stay tuned over the upcoming weeks as we announce them.  There will be special incentives for booking and shooting early!  If you (or some one you know) is a 2011 graduate now is the time to start planning for senior photography.  This year we are vamping up our senior packages and will be releasing them soon!

No post is complete without photos so here are some of my favorite summer moments of my little boy, Alexander.  So  many firsts for him and Daddy stayed home with him every day so it was a good time for both of them.

little baby boy vintage suitcase hat trunk alley tracy autem  photography lifestyle

I took some time out earlier this month to take some portraits of Alex.

little baby boy vintage suitcase hat trunk alley tracy autem photography lifestyle

little baby boy eating watermelon tracy autem photography lifestyle

4th of July wouldn't be right with out Watermelon so Alex had his first piece and LOVED it.

little baby boy standing window tracy autem photography lifestyle

Hanging at home, to HOT to go outside!

Love Affair Workshop

I REALLY want to win a seat to Love Affair Workshop. GO read details and sign up to join in on the fun!

I So want to attend this workshop & this blog post is my entry to hopefully win a seat to it!  Best part is that this fab work shop for photographers is here in Dallas this year.  Asking the Lord for his blessing that I might just win a seat!  Pray for me if you are reading this!

Happy Easter!

I have been working SO hard for a smile picture and I finally got a decent one. He smiles bigger but then stops when my face goes behind the camera.

We hope you and your loved ones are enjoying spring now that it is fully upon us.  I love this time of year because it means I get to shoot so many fabulous engagements and bridals heading into our May wedding craze.  I also adore taking photos of my new addition, my son, Alex.  Today I took him out to some tall grass behind our house with this darling blue bucket for some Easter photos.  Wish I had a fuzzy bunny but I figured his cuteness was enough.  A bunny would just make them sickeningly cute.  Alex is almost 4 months and just a blessing to J.W. and I every day.  This weekend we also remember the ultimate blessing in our lives, Christ our Savior.  Happy Easter!

Alex has a serious streak, like his Daddy.

Why am I in a bucket Mom? Because I'm crazy for photos little dude.

Trevor & Amanda Expecting!


Not only am I pregnant and expecting my first baby but my little brother and his wife are also expecting!  Trevor and Amanda are due with a precious little girl almost exactly one week before my own due date!  This last weekend my husband I went out to San Angelo to visit my family one last time before we are parents and I just had to grab a few photos of my brother and his wife to commemorate their first pregnancy as well.  Down town San Angelo has a ton of great old buildings with rustic charm.  It was a mini session (only 30 minutes) before Amanda had to run off to work but here are some favorites.  I can’t wait to be a Mommy and an Aunt all at the same time.  It is so exciting to be sharing this time in my life with my bro.









Tracy’s Baby Belly

TracyJW31weeks_0001 I am just a handful of weeks away now from my first baby being born and last week my associate Sarah Bunyard headed out to play with me.  I love being behind the camera but being in front of it is always a great experience as it helps me to understand my clients insecurities, quirks and sometimes strange conversations with their loved ones.  Very few people are naturally comfortable with a lens pointed their direction but my husband, J.W., and I had a great time laughing, being silly and of course intimate and close to one another. We brought props like balloons, a few outfits and checked out a location I have been dying to shoot in….a laundry mat!  It was awesome and I am excited to share some of my belly shots with my amazing clients.  I will be on maternity leave from shooting from Nov 14 until the new year but of course will still be available for meetings, emails and phone calls.  Little Alexander Wayne Autem is due the beggining of December and the bith is being captured by a good friend of mine so Sarah Rizy will make sure and post some newborn photos as soon as he arrives.  Enjoy! TracyJW31weeks_0006 TracyJW31weeks_0007 TracyJW31weeks_0008


Love, LOVE, love the laundry mat shots!

triptic-31wks TracyJW31weeks_0016

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