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Katherine & Ben – Engagement Portraits at Fort Worth Trinity TrailsFort Worth, Texas

Katherine and Ben are awesome – I mean look at this killer dress and tux they wore for their engagement session!  I love these two and for them it is the year for weddings – all of their friends are getting married and soon enough it will be there turn!  Their adventures as wedding guests have taken them to 5 states but they will be kicking of 2019 with their own wedding here in Fort Worth!  I love how these two met, here is their beginning story in Katherine’s own words:

“Ben and I met in Fort Worth, TX in December of 2014. His sister, who is one of my childhood friends, and his mom, were trying to set us up. Ben had just moved back home from San Antonio, where he had been working and living for 2+ years. Coincidentally, he bought a house on the street behind where I bought my house six months before, and the proximity sparked the initial set up by his mom and sister. We kept in touch but both continued seeing other people and enjoying being newly single in Fort Worth. We started seeing more of each other once he was moved in to his house around March, and the more we saw of each other, the more we realized we didn’t want to see anyone else. Fast forward to June and we decided to officially “DTR”! It will be three years this June 2018. ”

I am so looking forward to their wedding in January!  Thanks guys for hanging out with me, braving bugs and waterfalls and for being so incredibly perfect in front of the camera!






Hayley & David – Engagement Photos at Winspear Opera House & Highland ParkDallas, Texas

Hayley and David will be getting married later this summer at White Sparrow Barn and I can’t wait for their elegant wedding!  These two are precious together!  They met at the University of Oklahoma 7 years ago and have built a strong relationship with each other and their families.  Family is important to these two – Hayley’s Dad came to our consultation a few weeks ago and I can not wait to see him react to his daughter in her wedding gown!  Dad might cry, I might cry and even David might cry when it’s his turn to see his bride!  I love that David knows family matters to his bride – so much so that he planned the perfect proposal.  Here is their engagement story in Hayley’s own words:

“David and I love wine (trader joes $2.00 bottles are at the top of the list). Because we both know absolutely nothing about wine we had been talking about going to a local winery for a weekend trip. Since Davids work schedule is crazy he suggested we just go to one local and see if we like it before spending the money to go somewhere like Napa.

Off we went, or so I thought to a vineyard in Athens, Texas.

My parents have a lake house at Cedar Creek Lake, 30-minutes away from Athens. When we pulled off towards the lake from the highway I did not really think anything of it. I was too busy researching wine information so we did not look silly at the tasting.

Then we pulled into my parents gate.. And I knew he was being weird but again, I did not know why.

As we approached the driveway and got out I saw flower petals scattered towards the entry of the house. With the help of my sweet family he had transformed the front of the house into a floral heaven. There, underneath an arch way, David dropped down on one knee and proposed.

Of course I said YES!

Once I said yes, my family jumped out and surprised me. We took lots of pics but, something was missing.. His family! When I asked he told me they were at the restaurant waiting for us.

Little did I know they were with all of our closest family and friends setting us a huge surprise engagement party.

It was PERFECT.”

I have a feeling that the perfect proposal is going to lead to the perfect wedding day and I am truly honored to be apart and can’t wait to capture all the laughter, tears, joy and love these two have.








Kaycee & Joseph – Engagement Session at White Rock Lake & SkylineDallas, Texas

A little while ago Joseph made a big move in his life – as he packed up his life in St Louis and moved to Texas he had no idea what God had in store for him.  Shopping for a new home in Texas brought him more than a place to hang his hat – it brought Kaycee into his life.  Kaycee is a realtor and as luck would have it – she was Joseph’s!  I love that life brought them together at a time when neither expected it but both needed it!  These two are adorable together – their joy and laughter are contagious when in each others arms.  God has truly put them together and I am unbelievably excited to be a part of their journey.  Congrats Kaycee & Joseph!!!




Olivia & Bobby – Engagement Photos at Fort Worth Stockyards & Sundance SquareFort Worth, Texas

Last week I finally got to meet Olivia & Bobby and I just adored getting to know this laid back couple.  These two may be from different states but life brought them to DFW and then they were perfectly thrown together one night in Dallas:

“We first met in January of 2016 at a bar in Dallas. We were both out with a few of our own friends, and we all ended up meeting and joining together for the rest of the night. Bobby and I had exchanged phone numbers and had texted a few times for the next couple of weeks. I agreed to meet up with him for a drink in February and we ended up having such a fun night and got along really well. We have been together ever since!”

I love that even though neither of them lived in Dallas they met and fell in love there and are now planning their future and the wedding day here in Fort Worth.  Bobby had a great proposal for his favorite girl in the world.  I love how Olivia tells it:

“Bobby and I went up to Indiana to visit my family and go to our lakehouse for his birthday in July. That Friday, we were going on a cocktail cruise around the lake with my family and grandparents and stopped at an island on the lake because my mom had told us she wanted to take family pictures. We got out of the boat and started taking pictures, then Bobby started telling a story and proposed! There were confetti canons, signs, bells, and champagne all hidden on the boat and we celebrated the rest of the way home. The next day, all of my cousins and aunts and uncles came up to the lake and we had an engagement party with the whole family.”

Congrats you two and can’t wait for your fall wedding next year!



Christy & Mark – Fort Worth Engagement Session at Trinity Park & The ModernFort Worth, Texas

Christy & Mark are fun, lighthearted but old souls.  This combination makes for a couple that loves fiercely and enjoys one another even in the most simple of things.  Mark is definitely a romantic based on his well thought out proposal.  Here is their engagement story in Christy’s words:

“Mark and I first saw each other in the state Capitol building in Austin, but didn’t really meet until several months later.  So, for our proposal, he asked me to come to the capitol for a business dinner he had. Once I got there, he met me in the large rotunda, and said we were actually going to get a private tour of the capitol building from one of his State Trooper friends.  He then took us up this tiny, windy staircase, and out on to the balcony overlooking downtown Austin at sunset.  That’s when he got down on one knee — and said that he knew when he first saw me 2 year prior, that he couldn’t imagine life without me.  Both my family, and his family, and my two closest friends were all hiding behind a pillar, they jumped out and said congratulations! I was so glad he had these people who mean so much to us, travel to be there for such a special moment!”

For their engagement session we had fun strolling through Trinity Park taking in the fall color and had some fun on the playground and stopped to feed some duckies.  My favorite part of their session was playing amidst The Modern art museum Christmas lights!  I love the effects of the lights in the photos and I think everyone needs to take a break from life to just enjoy the little things sometimes and there is no better time of year to do that than the holidays.  I hope your Holiday is filled with light and cheer as Christy & Mark’s relationship most definitely is!


Ashley & Jim – Engagement Portraits at Dallas Arboretum & Klyde Warren ParkDallas, Texas

Right before the Thanksgiving holiday I headed out to Dallas to meet Ashley & Jim.  These two met and started dating in 2015 through an online site and will be getting married next year.  I love how Jim proposed – such an amazing proposal story. Ashley tells it best though:

“He did a fabulous job!! We were staying at the most amazing hotel in Amalfi, Italy and Jim had the whole staff in on the plan. Our friends, Courtney and Todd, were traveling with us so Jim had them come over from their hotel in Positiano and we did a spa/pool day at the hotel. He told me we were taking them down to the town of Amalfi that night for dinner but that was never really the plan. Jim leaves to “go check on the shuttle” and leaves me a card in the door hinge. Todd says, “Hey Ash, what’s in the door.” I walk over to it thinking it is a bill or memo from the hotel but it turns out to be a card leading me on a scavenger hunt to several different spots on the property. Todd has disappeared at this point and I later learn that he has been photographing the whole event. When I arrive at the outdoor garden, Jim is there with our favorite song playing and he gets down on one knee. Of course, I cried and said YES!!”

Their wedding at Room on Main and Highland Park United Methodist is going to be so much fun and I can’t wait to work along side Hitched Events & Marc Roberts Video!


Amy & Casey – Engagement Portraits at Trinity Park & StockyardsFort Worth, Texas

Amy & Casey are getting married next winter and I was so excited to hang out with these two before Thanksgiving.  They brought along their incredibly well behaved doggie – Leroy – and we had fun at Trinity park and the Fort Worth Stockyards.

These two both attended Texas Christian University and met while studying abroad in Spain.  They learned to speak Spanish, became friends and within months of being back in the United States they found themselves together.  Their friendship is apparent when you see them together, they have an honesty about them and are so comfortable in each others arms.  Their smiles, laughter and the super adorable Leroy made this engagement session so much fun!

I can’t believe I have to wait a year to photograph Amy & Casey again – it will be worth the wait though!  Congrats you two!

Ashley & Josh – Engagement Portraits at Fort Worth ParkFort Worth, Texas

Ashley and Josh met at a wedding and were flung together and now we are approaching their own wedding day this summer!  Josh is a sweetheart and I love how he proposed to Ashley, here is their proposal story in her own words:

Josh is a big hunter. So he had been telling me for a few weeks that he was buying a new boat. I was supportive but definitely not interested in helping pick one out. I only became interested when he told me that there was nowhere to store it, so I would have to park my car outside of the garage so it could stay in there. I agreed, but wasn’t excited. When I got home that day, I couldn’t open the garage door. I went through the front door and he was so excited to show me the boat. When we got to the garage, there was not a “real” boat, but there was a tiny toy boat with a ring on it. When I turned around, he was on one knee. I quickly realized all of those trips to “look at boats” were trips to the jeweler with my sister in laws to pick the perfect ring.

These two love a laid back life with a side of adventure.  For their engagement session we selected gorgeous nature locations.  I love what Ashley shared with me about how they like to spend time together:

We love to travel. We have been to Hawaii, Florida and New Mexico together in the past year. We love spending time with our families and being outdoors. One of our favorite things is sitting on the patio having drinks in the cool weather.

Sign me up for drinks on the patio – especially a cup of hot coffee on a cool day!  I can’t wait for their wedding at their home church in Aledo and McDavid Studio at Bass hall and if they find a way to incorporate a boat!  It would make a great grooms cake!!


Allison & Michael – Engagement Session at Park & Sundace SquareFort Worth, Texas

Allison & Michael are just darling! I had such a great time getting to  know them both at their engagement session a few weeks ago.  These two met through a roommate and although they have had to do too much long distance during their relationship they are now finally in the same area as we lead up to their wedding in June.  Michael is a doll – I love his smile and most of all I adore how much he made Allison laugh.  His antics and sweet embraces made the session!  We had gorgeous weather too!

Thanks guys for allowing me to photograph your engagements and I am so looking forward to the wedding day with your awesome team!


Ragan & Alex – Engagement Portraits in Sundance Square & Nature ParkFort Worth, Texas

Ragan & Alex met at TCU and their love story has continued on for over 4 years and headed towards the altar next May!  I can’t wait for their Fort Worth Zoo wedding – it is going to be amazing!  These two are totally cute together and I love their smiles and how they just fit perfectly together no matter how I had them pose.  Ragan is extra cute and has a super fashion sense – if you love any of her clothes from this session head on over to her boutique of Camp Bowie – Hulla B’Lu!  For their session we did a little bit nature, a little bit city!  It was the perfect vibe and I had a great time getting to know them and chat about their upcoming wedding – most excited, not going to lie – for some animal sightings during the wedding.

Congrats you two!