Brandi & TJ {Married – Part 2 Moments} Old Red Courthouse in Dallas

I cry at weddings.  It happens frequently.  Sometimes its the vows, the bride seeing her Dad for the first time, after the ceremony when the couple has a moment alone or the special dances at the reception.  This wedding I cried during it ALL.  It was so much fun and I was so glad I wore waterproof mascara.  Enjoy some of their fabulous moments at Old Red in Dallas!

Brandi and one of her bridesmaids proof reading and perfecting her vows.

TJ was anxiously excited.

TJ’s darling nieces and nephew played their part in the wedding.  I loved the ring bearer “pillow” of vintage books.

You can just tell he is nervous but I love it.

Can’t get much sweeter than this.  Brandi loves her Daddy.

No longer nervous, happy to see his beautiful bride.

OK, this rivals the aisle glance at her Dad on the sweetness level.  Just after Daddy gave her to TJ he stole a kiss.  Adore.

Their vows made everyone laugh and cry.  They were 100% from the heart, truth and filled with wisdom.


TJ is one good gift giver, he bought his new wife season tickets to the Aggie home games.  Better yet he took off work for them, that made her one happy lady.

A sweet moment during the first dance

Not sure what is up with the fist pump during the first dance but it made Brandi laugh.

Brandi’s Dad is a real Rhine Stone Cowboy!!

Brandi had a pretty cake but Teej had the cool cake, Zombie themed with Till death do us part on the front.  Love.

A private last dance for the Beej and the Teej

Thanks to you both for trusting me and sharing in this special day.  It is one I will not forget.

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