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        Portraits × November 15, 2017 You are so beautiful READ MORE Portraits × November 15, 2017 Marina Alonso for Billabong Let's capture moments and feelings that will get you all nostalgic and overwhelmed 10 years from now. That will bring back all those emotions, atmosphere and the feeling of being loved, and the most h... READ MORE FAQ × September 14, 2016 Wedding Day Timeline Planning As a service to all of our brides we assist you in planning your wedding day photography timeline.  We will work along side your planner and other vendors to ensure that enough time is set aside for a... READ MORE FAQ × September 7, 2016 What to Wear – Engagement Portraits Wondering what to wear for your engagement portraits?  It is one of the most difficult challenges when it comes time to step in front of the camera.  Here are some of our tips and tricks to make sure ... READ MORE Bridal Portraits × September 7, 2016 When to Schedule Your Portraits After completing the booking process many couples want to know what is next.  Here is a suggested list and time frames for wen to schedule your portrait sessions: Engagement session planning can st... READ MORE FAQ × August 12, 2015 What to Wear – Bridal Portraits The brides look sets the tone for the wedding day and here are some tips for bridal portraits & the big day! FITTINGS - Now that you have selected 'the one' (your gown, not the groom) the n... READ MORE FAQ × June 17, 2015 First Looks – Pro’s & Con’s Sticking to tradition or throwing it out the window? Seeing one another before the ceremony is a big decision for today’s brides.  When asked this question by my couples, I have one simple bit of advi... READ MORE Vendors × December 13, 2012 Classic Oaks Ranch – An amazing rustic wedding and reception venue   I love ranch weddings and I am so excited to see more and more beautiful ranch's opening up their gates to brides and grooms.  Classic Oaks Ranch is a new wedding and reception venue in M... READ MORE Vendors × October 1, 2012 A Wedding Soiree at City Club Fort Worth for DFW’s best wedding planners City Club hosted an amazing wine paired soireefor some of the best wedding planners in the DFW area. We had a fabulous time meeting some new faces as well as enjoy time with planners we work with fr... READ MORE Vendors × August 30, 2011 City Club of Fort Worth – August Table Scapes and Trends Event Photos Earlier this month we were honored to take part in Tablescapes & Trends at City Club of Fort Worth.  This twice a year open house is a great free event that shows off the best vendors in Fort Wo... READ MORE