Autem Baby #2 Update

I’m at 25 weeks pregnant and thought you might be in need of an update!  Baby #2 is a BOY!  I am going to be surrounded by boys and my little Alex will have a baby brother to play with, wrestle and generally fight with but love with all his might.  We are pretty sure on the name but I am waiting to reveal that here just a bit longer.  We are working hard on his Owl themed room and I only have 3 more weddings to shoot before I officially become to BIG to run around for 8 hours taking pictures.  I will be accepting limited sessions during the morning hours due to the heat through the middle of September and will be returning the middle of November.  This fall Sarah Halferty, will be shooting all of our holiday portraits and I am SO very excited about it because she is good.  I mean, she shoots my family every year so you know you are in the best of hands.   A few impromptu pregnancy photos by Sarah Rizy and of course the telling sonogram photo, definitely a boy!

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