Ashley & Travis {Engaged} Grapevine historic train station and bluebonnet fields

Every year weather, illness and circumstance foils one clients plans for their engagement session multiple times. I am not sure why this happens and how one couple can have such odd luck but Ashley and Travis were this couple. After months of failed attempts we FINALLY got together earlier this week for their photos! They will be getting married near Austin next month and sadly I won’t be photographing their wedding day BUT I had so much fun getting to know them and making special photos for them.

Travis was super sweet and I loved how he tip-toed through the bluebonnets so as not to squash them. It is rare you see a man take such care of wild flowers. 🙂 Oh and let me tell you, these bluebonnets were elusive. We spent a good half hour searching for them but when we found them I felt very triumphant! I love learning things from my clients and Ashley taught me all about those yellow weed flowers you see all over the place….you know, where the bluebonnets used to be. Well those flowers are killing and taking over and they are aptly named bastard cabbage. She only knew the bastard part so we had to take some photos in a field of those little killers as well. We had TO much fun.

I hope you have a wonderful wedding and that in the future I may be so lucky to photograph you both again!

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