Ashley & Seth Engaged!


        From the moment I met this couple I knew I just had to work with them.  They knocked my socks off with how loving Seth was during our meeting so I was elated when they decided to have me photograph their wedding which is only a short 2 weeks away!

        Seth propsed at the Arboretum in Dallas so we headed there first before hanging out in down town.  Seth is officially invited to hang out during any of my sessions as he had great ideas and was a complete ham.  The best part was that his excitement got Ashley laughing and having so much fun I think they both forgot they were posing!  I can’t wait to shoot their wedding when I get back from my destination wedding next week.  See you soon you two!










        July 3, 2009



        What a fun engagement session! Love the locations, especially the bright colored music note backdrop. The wedding will be fun to shoot with such a fun bride and groom! Have fun…Keri

        this is an absolutely beautiful couple and you canptured the wonderfully. I love your edgy artistic style, this really represents what your all about. You go girl!

        You did a FANTASTIC job with these.
        The colors are amazing.
        I’m super jealous of your mad skillz.

        Love this shoot! The color is OUTSTANDING! You seem to really put the couple at ease. Great job!

        Fanatastic!! Beautiful shots and beautiful couple. You’ve done a fabulous job here.

        Awesome shoot Tracy, this couple is very lucky to have you for their photographer. The colors pop and the shots are a beautiful expression of the love between the couple. Can’t wait to see the wedding photos!

        Typically there are a few images from a session that really stand out- But I must say that ALL of these images are STAND OUT AWESOME! I love the ones you chose for the Blog Post – but then watching your slide show- I was blown away with the consistently gorgeous and creative images!!! You have really inspired me to raise the bar in my own photography!

        Tracy, what a fun session! These images are seriously delicious. You totally rocked it!

        These are great, especially the photo with the couch!

        Love these photos. The colors are amazing.
        The couple look so much in love. You’ll get some amazing portfolio photos from their wedding, I’m sure.

        Love these! Your couples are so cute!

        Gorgeous work! You’ve totally captured the essence of love and it is truly evident in the eyes of this beautiful couple! I truly love your eye for detail and use of lighting and pro technique! These photos are hip and trendy and suit the couple very well. I can’t wait to see their wedding photos as I’m sure you’ll surpass their expectations.

        Great shots, Tracy! These really look fun and romantic! The couple must be so thrilled with these shots!!!

        Wow! These photos are awesome! Such a beautiful couple and you did such a great job of capturing the love between them. Great locations, great shots. Can’t wait to see the wedding photos!

        Alex Abercrombie

        Wow Tracy! I love the sweet, fun connection that you captured between this adorable couple and the variety of composition that you used is incredible! Great job.

        Andrew and Christina pictures are great. You captured very romantic and blissful images of them.

        Karen (Mikols) Bonar

        That’s one smokin’ hot couple!!!!!

        Tracy — simply wonderful!!! Colorful, artistic, sweet, romantic and what a great connection you captured between this gorgeous couple. You are an inspiration!

        Love, love, love that second one. She just looks so cute! What a great looking couple! And her shoes are yummy! Great style!
        You rocked this session!

        Awesome pics…you did an amazing job with this gorgeous couple! You totally captured the love between them and their great expressions. LOVE the colors of the graffiti & garage. You’re gonna ROCK the wedding! BTW – I want that couch!!!

        I think the shots are amazing. Great composition

        Just loved looking through these, Tracy — what beautiful images of a really charmed couple!

        Tracy, the engagement photos are fantastic, the couple look so into each other, you captured the love they have for each other beautifully. Not only that, the images are imaginative and crisp, love the location.
        Great Job!!!

        These are great shots! The colors are great the black and white with the couple under the tree is my favorite! The lines from the tree are great! You can tell that the couple was completely comfortable with you. You have a wonderful eye for your work! I am certain the the couple loved the images! Great work!!!!

        Great photos girly! I love the expressions you captured between them! The colors are beautiful and vibrant! You rocked this girl!

        What beautiful images! Gorgeous work as usual Tracy!

        Beautiful work Tracey! I love that there’s so much variety in this shoot. My favorites are #1 (full of personality and the colors ROCK) and #3 (simply gorgeous). I can’t wait to see the images from their wedding!

        Wow Tracy these are amazing! What a beautiful couple. You really captured how much in love they are. Great job.

        Beautiful photos – they look so natural in front of the camera… I love the vibrant colors of the painted wall. Great job!!

        Wow, I love love love these photos. Great job Tracy.

        Wow! Love the POP that this session has, fabulous work!

        Gotta tell ya, I normally don’t post on other people’s sites but I just had to comment on how clean, professional, and artistic the shots from this session look.
        Very nice work, kid, you do the industry proud. It’s good to see someone out there who obviously has “the eye”.
        Keep up the great work. I bet the couple was thrilled with these shots.

        Tracy, these are so FUN! Love all of the colors, and what a gorgeous couple! She is going to be an amazing bride – I can’t wait to see the wedding.

        Tracy, these are AWESOME! You guys totally rocked this e-session.
        The bride and groom are SO hot! Nice work.
        I love the color and lighting in a lot of these image, very creative and dynamic!

        Great great job. They are going to LOVE the wedding photos.

        How ADORABLE! This couple looks SO fun! Love the locations (jealous!) and how playful and artsy each image looks. The wedding photos are gonna ROCK with these two! Great job Tracy!

        Tracy- These are absolutely amazing!!! You are such a talented photographer- congrats! I cant wait to see pics from their wedding- they are going to be gorgeous!!

        Love these, Tracy! You absolutely rocked this engagement session.

        These are beautiful images!! It is amazing how you always are always able to capture so much love and emotion in your e-sessions! Can’t wait to see the wedding pics. Couple is gorgeous! Great job!

        Looks amazing Tracy! One of my favorite engagement sessions you’ve done!