Ann & John {Engaged} Fort Worth Engagement Photos

Ann and John live in San Francisco but are getting married here in Texas next year.  Ann is originally from Fort Worth so I had met with her Mom who is handling most of the planning for them (got to love the Mom’s that make long distance planning possible) and was excited to meet the both of them at their engagement session.  We hit it off right away and dived right in to taking some photos.  With John being a true California guy I had to search my brain for he least “Texas” looking locations so that the photos would be perfect for both of them.  We always strive when picking locations to properly represent both the bride and groom and it can be easy to leave some ones personality out if you are not aware of their differences.  I think these two are a perfect match though, John just didn’t know what he needed was a perfect Southern girl from Texas until he met Ann.  They actually met by becoming roommates!  These two shared a home with a few others and started hanging out, became friends and their relationship just grew from there.   I can’t wait to see them again next May especially because they are having their reception at one of my very favorite venues, The Modern in Fort Worth!

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    1. It is in downtown Fort Worth, we shoot so many places and I am so bad with streets and directions I just know it is right South of downtown.


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