Andrea & Ben {Engaged} in Fort Worth at Urban Walls and Field

Andrea and Ben are such an amazing couple.  I know Andrea from weddings I have worked with her, she is a member of Tami Winn’s staff and is just quirky, fun and gorgeous.  It was nice to finally meet Ben, get to know him and them as a couple as we explored some of my lesser traveled but favorite locations in Fort Worth.  Andrea had some rocking new boots for the shoot that I just drooled over and we had to get a few photos of them in their shades.  These two were adventurous with me and climbed between train cars so we could get back to our cars as it came while we were shooting and blocked our path. Luckily no one from the rail road spotted us.   Their wedding is just around the corner in July at Off The Grid, a very unique location in Dallas.  See you both soon!

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