Abbey & Andrew started their story in Fort Worth with a chance meeting.  It is Abbey’s hometown and Andrew lived in Fort Worth for work.  Although they only knew each other briefly they kept in touch after Andrew moved on to work in California.  Sometimes though things are just meant to be and as life happened and things changed in Abbey’s life she got a call for a job in California too and moved out West where she later reconnected with Andrew.  Second time was a charm but I have to say that I think they were meant to be after spending an hour with them in front of my camera.  These two are positively perfect together and just full of smiles, laughter and sweetness.  I loved that they were spending the Thanksgiving holiday together – even before they were married!  I was super happy that I got these two to sneak away from the family though for some photos!  And can I just say WOW to Abbey’s gorgeous outfit choice – so on trend and fun with beautiful coloring that just made her look stunning (don’t worry Andrew – you looked great to but can you blame me?) Can’t wait for your wedding next year!


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