About Tracy

Tracy has a Bachelors in Fine Arts degree from the University of Texas at Arlington with a concentration in Photography.  She is president and founder of Lightly Photography Inc & Tracy Autem Photography.

Tracy resides in Fort Worth, Texas with her Husband and three children.

Interested in working with Tracy?  To learn more or to set up a time to chat with her call 817.810.9282 or email us tracy@tracyautem.com

I am a wife & mother and am often described as talkative, transparent, emotionally invested and a woman with a smile. I highly value love and the relationships with my family and friends. I find the most joy in images that tell stories of love. Beyond the unspeakable happiness and love between the bride and groom the photos of grinning grandpa’s and Mothers hugs make up the memories of our wedding days. I take images that bring my couples back to the moment.

As an artist I get excited to find a new angle, use light in a dramatic and beautiful way and create imagery that can stand alone as art. I use my background as a fine artist to enhance the visual experience of your wedding day.

As a Mom I know how important it is to capture the obvious photos, the ones that mark who was there with a smile on their face and looking at the camera. I respect the timeless elements of weddings with beautiful portraiture.

I am honored by my bride and grooms that choose me and let me choose them in return.

-Tracy Autem

Want to know more? Watch this short film about Tracy, the Lightly Photography team and what makes Tracy the photographer she is.

Tracy Autem Photography & Lightly Photography from Turquoise Video Productions on Vimeo.