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If you know me then you might have figured out that I am fond of lists.  I write them all the time for everything from tasks at work to grocery lists.  I like them so much that sometimes I will do a task then realize it wasn’t on the list.  Then I write it down and scratch it off.  It just feels good to have a set goal and accomplish it.

Almost 2 years ago I did a business work shop by Liana Lehman and in it she challenged us to write a list of goals.  I am happy to say that I have completed so much of it and this week she posted on her blog a new list, 101 things to accomplish in 1001 days.   Now this sounded right up my alley so I dived in and started my list.  Today is day 1 of my 1001 days and I have already started a few of these things but to keep me accountable I am sharing it here with my friends and clients. This is a part of a project called Day Zero and you can read more about it and start your own list. I will try to post along the way about some of my adventures in randomness and other things.

1001 days will end on February 22, 2013!


1.  Donate my photography to a person in need
2.  Participate in Habitat for Humanity
3.  Donate my time to kids in need
4.  Clean out my closet and donate the clothes
5.  Teach someone how to use an SLR
6.  Do a random act of kindness for a stranger


7.  Go on a mission Trip
8.  Start every morning with prayer time for 7 days
9.  Listen to the new testament in my car
10.  Pray in the car at stop lights INSTEAD of looking at my iphone for 7 days
11.  Finish an inspirational book (I always start them but seldom finish)
12.  Read a chapter a day for a week

Adventures & Travel

13.  See the Grand Canyon
14.  Sleep under the stars with JW
15.  Go to the mountains with JW
16.  Rock Climb (at least attempt it)
17.  Go to Utah
18.  Go to Big Bend
19.  Go canoeing
20.  Shoot a handgun


21.  Teach Alex the alphabet
22.  Teach Alex his colors
23.  Teach Alex to count to 10
24.  Teach Alex to hold his breath under water
25.  Take Alex to the Zoo
26.  Buy Alex his first camera
27.  Potty Train Alex
28.  Read the Cat and the Hat to Alex
29.  Have a second child

Home & Family

30.  Organize my attic
31.  Organize my garage
32.  Child proof my kitchen
33.  Paint the walls in my house
34.  Try a new recipe each month for a year
35.  Make dessert once a month, you don’t have to be good always
36.  Learn to make cake balls
37.  Learn to make tiramisu that JW LOVES
38.  Try a new recipe every day for 5 days
39.  Make tortilla’s from scratch
40.  Make a recipe book with recipes I love and family recipes
41.  Design and order my wedding album
42.  Design and order Alex’s baby book
43.  Design and order personal photo album marriage to Alex
44.  Help JW set up a blog site for his
45.  Teach JW how to use his blog

Health & Wellness

46.  Work out every day for 7 days in a row
47.  Work out 4 times a week for a month
48.  Loose the baby weight (twice!)
49.  Be able to do a pull up
50.  Complete p90x (a full 90 day cycle w/o missing many days)
51.  Get a massage after every wedding for 1 month
52.  Go to bed by 11pm for 1 week
53.  Take my multi-vitamin every day for a month


54.  Get a new copy of my diploma and frame it
55.  Do a photography shoot in the rain
56.  Shoot an international wedding
57.  Start a cohesive and organized intern program
58.  Get laptop working at studio
59.  Get DVD player and TV working at the studio
60.  Make an emergency kit for weddings
61.  Teach a photography workshop or give talk to other photographers
62.  Write 1 blog a month for 1 year about wedding mishaps and turn them into planning tips
63.  Write 1 blog a month for 1 year with photography tips or all/pros
64.  Write 1 blog a month for 1 year with an interview of a local vendor
65.  Keep my accounts reconciled in quickbooks for 6 months  straight
66.  Have everything reconciled on January 1st
67.  Learn more about off camera lighting
68.  Calibrate all my monitors
69.  Organize the closet at the studio
70.  Touch up the paint at the studio
71.  Fill the holes in the wall at the studio from me moving photos
72.  Get studio team photos taken for the web site
73.  Make a crazy holiday card for clients
74.  Finish the flooring in the bathroom at the studio

Art & Photography

75.  Enter a photo gallery show
76.  Start a new series of fine art photography
77.  Take a photo every day for 30 days that are NOT client related
78.  Make a piece of artwork for my home with my wedding vows
79.  Paint a canvas (I miss it)
80.  Place in a WPJA competition
81.  Be published somewhere, anywhere!
82.  Shoot 5 rolls of film and get them developed!
83.  Use my Holga camera at a client shoot.

Crazy Hard to Do but I’ll Try

84.  Write a book
85.  Buy a building for my business
86.  Build a home (start the process by finding a piece of land)

Randomness and Fun!

87.  Kiss in the rain
88.  See a drive in movie
89.  Make a snow man
90.  Go fishing
91.  Do a cart wheel in a field of wild flowers (or tall grass)
92.  Ride a train
93.  Not look at any social media or emails for one weekend
94.  Turn off my phone for one weekend
95.  See a play
96.  Eat at Lonesome Dove in Fort Worth (never have and always heard it is good)
97.  Go to a flea market
98.  Spend a day in my PJ’s watching classic movies
99.  Have a vacation “away” with JW at Hotel ZaZa in Dallas
100.  See the “Paint Rock” in Paint Rock petro glyphs in the town where my Mom lives)
101.  Go to 3 local museums in 1 month