2010 was a super fabulous year.  I watched my first little man grow into a big 1 year old, laughed allot with my sweet clients, enjoyed my supportive husbands company every step of the way and took A LOT of photos.  January is a time of reflection and preparation for the wedding and portrait season to come because lets face it,  no one wants to take photos in this unpredictable Texas winter.  Today it felt like spring and by the weekend we could have some sleet or snow!

I wanted to take some time to celebrate my clients.  SO, if you were a wedding or portrait client of mine in 2010, here is your chance to win a 16×24 canvas of a photo of your choice from your event!

1) Send my blog link tracyautem.com/blog to all of your family & friends to help win a beautiful canvas. You are more than welcome to post the link on facebook.

2) You must leave a comment below with your favorite image # and why (any comments left on facebook will not count.)  The image number is above the image with the clients name.

3) ONE COMMENT ALLOWED PER PERSON (PLEASE honor this rule and help make this a fair contest..if I feel the voting gets a little fishy, I will end the contest)

4) Voting ends Wednesday January 26th at 11:59pm. The image with the most votes will be announced by Monday, January 31st.

1 – Stacy & Brent

One of my most favorite moments from the year, Brent gently wiping her tears.

NicewongerWedBlog2 0027 Best of 2010 Contest! {16x24 Canvas Wrap}

2 – Laura & Jeff

Bright colors and a very bright future for this sweet couple.

Russell5.1.10AE 0017 Best of 2010 Contest! {16x24 Canvas Wrap}

3 – Baby Owen

I adore his squishy-ness.

OwenMay2010 AE 0006 Best of 2010 Contest! {16x24 Canvas Wrap}

4 – Allison & James

The mood in this last shot from their wedding day was an AHHHH moment.

DearmanWeddingBlog 0036 Best of 2010 Contest! {16x24 Canvas Wrap}

5 – Jessica

Love my seniors with attitude!

JessicaMartinezAE 0009 Best of 2010 Contest! {16x24 Canvas Wrap}

6 – Tiffany & Matthew

Love this dramatic bridal shot of Tiffany on her wedding day at Hotel ZaZa.

TiffMatthewWedBlog 0008 Best of 2010 Contest! {16x24 Canvas Wrap}

7 – Kendall & Jason

Some of my favorite things, downtown Fort Worth, a gorgeous couple & the balcony at city club  at night.

KendallJasonWeddingBlog 00261 Best of 2010 Contest! {16x24 Canvas Wrap}

8 – Creel Kids

These sweet cousins are two peas in a pod.

CreelKids 0005 Best of 2010 Contest! {16x24 Canvas Wrap}

9 – Lindsey & Jaon


Piazza in the Village Wedding Portraits Bride Groom Romantics Drama Vintage Tracy Autem 0014 Best of 2010 Contest! {16x24 Canvas Wrap}

10 – Sarah & Symon

I have a thing for kisses, especially the hands on face kind.  Swoon.

SarahSymonWedBlog 0030 Best of 2010 Contest! {16x24 Canvas Wrap}

11 – Lacy & Gabe

Country perfect wedding day with a great sunset, open spaces and a really fun time.

StoutWeddingAE 0023 Best of 2010 Contest! {16x24 Canvas Wrap}

12 – Veronica & Robert

From Jr. High to walking down the aisle as adults, these 2 steal my heart.

HaslamWed 0019 Best of 2010 Contest! {16x24 Canvas Wrap}

13 – Bethany & Rob

I cried more at their wedding than any other, the way Rob loves Bethany is just beyond perfect.

Fort Worth City Club Wedding Church Bethany Rob 0031 Best of 2010 Contest! {16x24 Canvas Wrap}

14 – Holly & Jason

We beat the rain and had perfect blue skies with a touch of mud.

DuffinWedBlog 0017 Best of 2010 Contest! {16x24 Canvas Wrap}

15 – Colton

Oh, what a rascal.  We have been watching this guy grow up and it has been fun!

ColtonHill2yrBlog 0008 Best of 2010 Contest! {16x24 Canvas Wrap}

16 – Lauren & Ryan

Sneaking in some photos as the sun set quickly gave me some fun light with a touch of ambiance from the building.

BatlaWedAE 0018 Best of 2010 Contest! {16x24 Canvas Wrap}

17 – Jennifer & Shane

Shane, you never looked so good….Having fun with photo booth props!

DavisWeddingBlog 0038 Best of 2010 Contest! {16x24 Canvas Wrap}

18 – Chelsea

Piercing blue eyes.

ChelseaBlog 0003 Best of 2010 Contest! {16x24 Canvas Wrap}

19 – Ashley & Matt

Now that is how you celebrate!

HensleyWedBlogAE 0027 Best of 2010 Contest! {16x24 Canvas Wrap}

20 – Jennifer & Max

A quiet moment in the limo before the party.HendrixWeddingBlog 0087 Best of 2010 Contest! {16x24 Canvas Wrap}

21 – Ruth & Andrew

The almost kiss, a moment I adore.

WeatherfordWed FBPeak 0016 Best of 2010 Contest! {16x24 Canvas Wrap}

22 – Caelan

College bound and a super great girl.

ZeitlerFam 0267 Best of 2010 Contest! {16x24 Canvas Wrap}

23 – Callie & Jason

I love this couple and lucky me their wedding was the first of MANY I have gotten to see them at.

JohnstonWedArtistic 0018 2 Best of 2010 Contest! {16x24 Canvas Wrap}

24 – Brennan

A real cowboy with some lasso skills that almost took me out.

BrennanAddison Oct10B 00021 Best of 2010 Contest! {16x24 Canvas Wrap}

REMEMBER:  ONE comment per person (I will not approve repeat comments from the same email address & will not count them in the final count)

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454 Responses to “Best of 2010 Contest! {16×24 Canvas Wrap}”

  1. Lakota says:

    #16 is my favorite!! It’s a beautiful picture of a couple in love!!!

  2. Therese Goraj says:

    I vote for number 10 Sarah and Simon. It is so beautiful ! ! !

  3. Libby Newman says:

    Love #7 but there’s not a loser in the bunch. that little cowboy is a doll, also. Your work just gets better and better!

  4. Carter says:

    I thought everything about #16 was just right/great background as you said !!!

  5. Steve Piller says:

    #10 Awesome picture!

  6. Lauren Piller says:


  7. Anna Cotton says:

    #10 – Sarah and Symon….such a great pic!!

  8. Paul says:

    #10 is a winner!

  9. Kim says:

    #16 Very beautiful. It captures the moment of a very special wedding day.

  10. Carol Frese says:

    #10 – what a kiss!

  11. Carrie Oliver says:

    #10 is the best!

  12. Lisa Rodriguez says:

    #16 is my favorite!! Beautiful couple, stunning surroundings :)

  13. Anthoinette Beal says:

    Number 16 is my favorite!!!!! :)
    Beautiful picture!!


    Anthoinette Beal

  14. Steve Steele says:

    #10 – Sarah and Symon!

  15. Christina Smith says:

    # 16

  16. Patty Lindsey says:

    Sarah and Symon! 10!

  17. Kristi says:

    #16 is just awsome!!!

  18. Natalie Johnson says:

    I would like to vote for photo 16!

  19. Fay Steward says:

    # 16 Love it

  20. Doug McDougal says:

    I vote for # 16. Doug

  21. Ross says:

    #16. I know this couple and this picture is great.

  22. Jackie Sweeney says:

    #10 Sarah and Symon!

  23. Andrea H says:

    #16 – What a beautiful couple!

  24. Adam F. says:

    #16 is a beautiful picture! Reminds me of my sister’s wedding!

  25. Julie Robertson says:


  26. Marie McKnight says:

    I vote for #16, the colors in her boquet against her dress are awesome!

  27. Melody Baty says:

    I like picture #16. Great color balance in it -

  28. Amber Cornelius says:

    “#10 – Sarah and Symon – perfectly captures a great moment!

  29. Patricia Wessels says:

    I vote for #16

  30. EMILEH CYPERT says:


  31. Cindy says:

    Number 16 with Lauren and Ryan is the Sweetest and Best photo! They get my vote! :)

  32. Leigh Flood says:

    #10 sarah and symon – love this picture!

  33. Tara Schwratz says:

    Lauren & Ryan #16

  34. Andy Ruisinger says:

    out of all the wonderful photo’s #16 seems to be the best!

  35. Carla says:

    #16 is my favorite – so pretty

  36. Olga says:

    Lauren & Ryan #16 is my favorite!!!!

  37. Perry says:

    Picture #16 – Nice effect, lucky groom, hot bride :o)

  38. Crystal says:

    #7- Kendall & Jason- that pic is amazing!

  39. Cristina says:

    10 – Sarah & Symon. The contrasts in the photo like hard metal with soft kiss make this a great shot.

  40. Bflores says:

    #16 is my favorite. Simply breathtaking.

  41. Betty says:

    # 16 Lauren & Ryan **BEAUTIFUL**

  42. Britt Darwin-Looney says:

    #10 Symon and Sarah! Beautiful Picture!

  43. Steven Callicott says:


  44. Gaila Davis says:

    #10 – shows such love, tenderness and romance.

  45. Mary Kay Schultz says:

    #10 Sarah & Symon – Super Sweet! :)

  46. Deb says:

    #16 – absolutely the best!!

  47. Jeffrey Steele says:

    # 10 is the best by far!

  48. Candace says:

    #10-Sarah & Symon

  49. Jenny E. says:

    #10 Sarah and Simon!!!! great kiss ;)

  50. Nancy says:

    #16 get my vote!

  51. Scott Jolcover says:

    # 16 Hands Down the Winner, my Vote !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Rebecca Ades says:

    #10 adorable!

  53. Kristen says:

    #10 Sarah and Symon

  54. Ryan says:

    #10 Sarah and Symon

  55. Sasha says:

    Sarah & Symon ~ #10

  56. Bill Elkjer says:

    I love the informal setting and the romance expressed in the kiss. (#10)

  57. Jennifer says:

    #10 – Smokin’ hot!

  58. Jessica Lockhart says:

    I like #16.

  59. Dana Settle says:

    Lauren and Ryan #16

  60. Leslie Wallace says:

    Vote for #10. Background is perfect for this picture.

  61. Coleen says:

    #16 Ryan & Lauren!

  62. Keith says:

    #16 Has my vote!

  63. Kathy Biegel says:

    picture # 10

    Long, tall Texans in love.

  64. Stephanie Frerich Hyman says:

    I vote for #16…the special effect and lighting couldn’t be more perfect!

  65. Adam Straznicky says:

    I vote for #16 – Lauren & Ryan.

  66. Bill Elkjer says:

    I love the informal setting and the romance expressed in the kiss.

  67. Jenny says:

    #16 #16 #16!! The church setting was beautiful!!

  68. Ellie Biegel says:

    #10! Gotta love the jeans & boots!

  69. Melissa Steele says:


  70. Debbie says:

    I vote #16 Lauren and Ryan! Beautiful picture! Beautiful couple!

  71. Britt says:

    #10 – can’t go wrong with cowboy boots!! Great pic!

  72. Mary says:

    #10 – they are a great couple who really deserve this!

  73. Mary says:

    Photo #16 is my favorite.

  74. Deb says:

    #10 Hands Down!!!!

  75. Andrew says:

    #10. Symon married up. WAY up

  76. BJ says:

    I vote for
    #16 Lauren and Ryan as the best wedding photo ever!

  77. Debbie says:

    #16 Lauren and Ryan. I love the look on Lauren’s face!

  78. Ginger Osiek says:

    #16 Beautiful Picture!

  79. Crystal says:

    I vote #10 Sarah and Symon!!!!

  80. Lani says:

    #16 is the best! I like how the architectural lines of the plaza and the trees create a visual heart around Lauren and Ryan.

  81. Edie Elkjer says:

    Definitely #10.

  82. #16- Lauren&Ryan…This picture stands out for sure.
    “The husband takes a wife.” My favorite.

  83. Heather says:

    #10 – Sarah & Symon is my fav!!

  84. stephen says:

    I vote #10 sarah and symon

  85. Chelsea says:

    #16 Lauren and Ryan…timeless and beautiful!

  86. Kitty Wade says:

    Picture #10 is my favorite. It is so natural and not posed. Great photos.

  87. amy willingham says:

    #10- I love the picture. It looks very natural.

  88. Ambria Saverance says:

    #16 simply an amazing picture!

  89. Brittany Carter says:

    Couple #10

  90. kenyon says:

    10. I love the background and the pose.

  91. Sean says:


  92. amy willingham says:

    #10- great picture but still looks very natural

  93. Evan in BOSTON says:

    #10 because It’s wicked cute.

  94. Destiny says:

    I like #10

  95. Anders Heintz says:

    #10 Sarah & Symon

  96. Leslie says:

    #10-Sarah and Symon. Perfectly natural pic for this couple.

  97. Carley says:

    #10 Sarah and Symon!!!

  98. Scott Hinkle says:


  99. dawn says:

    #10 gorgeous photo! I can feel the love!

  100. Megan Henderson says:

    #10 Sarah and simon

  101. Mirand says:

    #10! S <3 S!!!

  102. Michelle Beniak says:

    #10 – Sarah and Symon – how cute is this couple?

  103. Melanie L says:

    #10 – Sarah and Symon

  104. natalie says:

    #10 baby!!!!

  105. Jack L Benson says:

    I vote for number 16

  106. Carol says:

    I love #16. It is so romantic.

  107. Krissi Smith says:

    #10 Love it!

  108. Kellie Pugh says:

    #10 Cute couple.

  109. Krissi Smith says:

    #10 – Love it!

  110. Liz says:

    #10. Adorable.

  111. papaw says:

    Missy Lauren and Master Ryan look really in love … I vote for #16.

  112. Casey B says:

    #16 looks like a real pair of cutie-pies! I want them to win!

  113. Margaret Munster says:

    # 16 Lauren & Ryan. Many beautiful pics!

  114. Brenda Weir says:

    I think photo #16 is the best photo — love the lighting and atmosphere in the courtyard surrounding the couple

  115. Burt says:

    Pic 16 was my favorite.

  116. Allen says:

    #16 Lauren & Ryan…Beautiful picture….Beautiful Couple.

  117. Kim B says:

    Mark my vote for #16. Awesome picture!

  118. Kyle says:

    #16 is the absolute best! Everything is perfect!

  119. Kyle says:

    Beautiful picture! Everything is perfect!

  120. Sally Lam says:

    #16 is my favorite.

  121. Paul says:

    I vote for #16 Ryan and Lauren

  122. Windle Watkins says:

    I like #16 the best

  123. andi says:

    #16 is my favorite!!

  124. Grammy says:

    Lauren and Ryan (#16) look like a really cute couple, they’re my vote!

  125. Bo says:

    I really like the composition of #16. I vote for them.

  126. Holly Crocker says:

    Oooo, #16 is so sweet!

  127. tom mcgrath says:

    I really like #16. Looks very grand!

  128. Jamie says:

    #16 Lauren & Ryan!

  129. Christopher Mendoza says:

    It looks like i voted in the wrong place!

    PIC 16 Great Balance of Colors, Dept of Field and utilization of F-E Lens

  130. Paula W says:

    #16 beautiful

  131. Dianne says:

    #16. What a beautiful moment!

  132. Danielle Docwra says:

    16 is the best

  133. Diana Scott says:

    Lauren and Ryan! #16!

  134. jim says:

    #16 beautiful couple

  135. cheryl says:

    I’m voting for #16 all the pictures you took at this wedding where amazing

  136. Desi Diaz says:

    #10 Symon and Sarah

  137. Ann says:

    #16 – so pretty

  138. Page H says:

    # 16 Lauren and Ryan – Beautiful couple and beautiful setting!

  139. June Adams says:

    #16 Lauren and Ryan – love the background and of course the couple

  140. Mike says:

    Picture #10 – Sarah & Symon

  141. Michele West says:

    #16 is my favorite – love the dramatic setting with the tender moment in the center

  142. Loved #10, a precious moment captured on film!!!

  143. Lyndsay says:

    #10 Sarah and Symon!

  144. Kimberly Morris says:

    #16 – Beautiful!!!

  145. Annemarie Shomber says:

    #10 Sarah & Symon–great photo!

  146. Kate heintz says:


  147. Steve McCarty says:


  148. jennifer steele says:


  149. Brenda Clark says:

    Whoops! Forgot to say #10 Sarah and Symon – they look like a perfect match!

  150. Bria says:

    I vote for #10, Sarah and Symon because I want to be kissed like that!

  151. Laura Halfmann says:

    i like #16!

  152. Tommy M says:

    That is a kiss! #10

  153. Trey Rowe says:

    #10 very cute couple

  154. Kirk says:

    #10 Symon has a great butt!

  155. Susan says:

    #10 is my vote!

  156. Andy says:

    #10 Sarah & Symon…great photo!

  157. Radford J. Fedric says:

    #13 You can feel the love….

  158. Ry Hemphill says:

    #13 Great picture…

  159. R Jones Fedric says:

    #13 Very impressive picture of two very special people!

  160. Misti Callicott says:

    #10..love this one!!

  161. Rosario says:

    #10 Sarah & Symon

  162. Jonathan says:

    #10 Sarah and Simon!

  163. don says:

    favorite image #10.
    They are all great, but #10 is the best.

  164. Tommy Morton says:

    #10 – Sarah and Symon

  165. Marie Crump says:

    #10 – Sarah & Symon…a perfect moment and beautiful couple!

  166. Ryan says:

    Sarah and Symon…#10!

  167. Cari Snell says:

    # 10 – Sarah & Symon…. It’s true love!

  168. Rachel says:

    #10 – Sarah & Simon…you can tell she’s melting like butter!

  169. Jake says:

    #10 — Sarah & Symon

  170. Hope Bell says:

    Picture #10 – Sarah & Symon. What a beautiful couple! Your photos are gorgeous, Tracy! You are so talented.

  171. photo#10 – Beautiful looks like true love

  172. Russell K says:

    Picture #10 – Sarah & Symon

  173. Ken Davis says:

    #10 guess it’s just the country in me, but that is great!

  174. robert e. farr says:

    no.13 has my vote

  175. Travis Purdin says:

    #10! – Great Wedding!

  176. Meredy Russell-Craft says:

    I cannot choose between my two senior gals!!!!! So, I vote 5 and 18!!! Love those girls :)

  177. Alan says:

    #13 — Evocative Great Gatsby look.

  178. Char says:

    The innocence of young love and the incredible simplicity caught my eye! Sarah & Simon #10

  179. Steve Godbold says:

    I love #13, Bethany & Robert!

  180. Bonnie howell says:

    #13 – Rob and Bethany!

  181. Jim & Nancy says:

    We vote for #13. Look at the swirls of the gown echoing in the painting, the palm tree, and victorian sofa. What a composition!

  182. Gary Christensen says:

    # 10 Sarah & Symon. Beautiful!

  183. Debby Thomas says:

    I vote for #10

  184. Lynn Schieber says:

    #10 Sarah and Simon so romantic!

  185. Brenda Clark says:

    They look like a perfect match!

  186. Holly & Brad says:

    We vote for #10 Sarah & Symon!!!!

  187. Chad williams says:

    Vote 10! Sarah and Symon!

  188. Pat Meneely says:

    Nicest picture … #10 Sarah and Symon

  189. Chuck & Kay says:

    We vote for #10 of Sarah and Symon!!!

  190. Virginia Farr says:

    Bethany and Rob’s love shines though the magic of the image.

  191. Robert Farr II says:

    #13 It is a wonderful image with their love radiating though the picture.
    Bethany and Rob a great shot!!!

  192. Virginia Farr says:

    It is the best because it captures the magic of the relationship

  193. Mike says:

    #16, Lauren & Ryan

  194. Juan Rodriguez says:

    #10 – The colors are great and I work with Sarah!

  195. Nick Blevins says:

    number 10!

  196. Juan Rodriguez says:

    #10 – I like the colors

  197. Steven Gilbert says:


  198. Cathy says:

    Love #16!

  199. Jackie williams says:

    Vote for 10! Cute pic of the happy couple!

  200. Steve Gilbert says:

    #10! Sarah is awesome

  201. Jo Anne Gilbert says:

    #10 Sarah and Symon!!

  202. Emily says:

    #16, it was such a beautiful wedding!

  203. Kelli says:

    I vote #10! Sarah and Symon!!

  204. Patricia says:

    #16 Great picture of Ryan & Lauren

  205. Kelley knight says:

    I’m voting for #10

  206. tracey says:

    These are all great! You are very talented. #10 is my pick. I like the contrast of the colors in their clothes against the neutral background. The kiss looks sweet and genuine, too.

  207. De Anna says:

    #10 Symon & Sarah Tracey, you captured the true essence of lovein this beautiful couple!

  208. Mary Bassett says:

    That’s a great picture. Good luck, Mary

  209. Marce says:

    #10 Beautiful couple…..beautiful picture!

  210. Debbie Ammons says:

    #10 – I work with Sarah and we did her flowers!

  211. Lauren Townsley says:

    #10 – Great Couple!

  212. Tiffany A says:

    #9- this couple is HOT TO TROT! Love it! Very Hollywood!

  213. Kathryn says:

    #10! Sarah is one of my best friends. Great pic of her and Symon.

  214. Savanah Tunnell says:

    # 16: Ryan & Lauren is my favorite!!

  215. Josh Tunnell says:

    #16 – Ryan & Lauren is my favorite.

  216. Susanne Swift says:

    Best kiss IS hands on the face kiss!! #10 Sarah & Symon!!

  217. aric s. queen says:

    #10 by far!

  218. Steve Steele Jr. says:

    #10 – She is my little sister!

  219. Cindy says:

    #10 Sarah and Symon-love is captured in this picture!

  220. Nelda says:

    #10 Symon and Sarah, great picture,

  221. Trey says:

    I’m going with #10! They deserve it!!

  222. Christy says:

    Definitely #10!!!! What a BEAAAUTIFUL pic!!!!!

  223. Cora Taylor says:

    #10 Symon and Sarah My awesome brother and sister-in-law. Tracy you did a great job!!!

  224. Tere' says:

    #10 gets my vote. Sarah and Symon!!!

  225. Brandon Moore says:

    I vote for #10 Sarah and Symon

  226. Natalie says:


  227. Symon Biegel says:

    #10 Sarah and Symon – Thank you Tracy

  228. Sarah says:

    #10 Sarah and Symon – one of my favorite pics of us! Thank you Tracy!

  229. Ann Doyle says:

    I love Number 10 – Because Sarah is my niece and my entire family welcomed Symon into our bond. You have some remarkable photos.

  230. DARLA BATLA says:

    I love them all but my vote goes to #16.

  231. Ashlea Palafox says:

    #9 is so fabulous! It gets my vote!!!!!!!! :)

  232. Susan Mayer says:

    #7 is my favorite. love the city lights & how they are lost in themselves despite the urban setting. Very sweet. The city lighting you captured is very special.

  233. Amanda says:

    #15 because Colton is too cute!

  234. So …. how do you tell which couple got the most people to comment? I can’t imagine this is all of your sessions from the year … maybe that’s just the blonde in me showing?

    OK, my vote = #7. Excellent composition, dramatic lighting and mood. :)

  235. Jessica says:

    #13- They are a beautiful couple!

  236. Kari says:

    #10: Sarah and Symon, sweetest kisses are the hands on the face kind!

  237. Cindi says:

    #10 Beautiful photo!!

  238. David Elkjer says:

    It hast to be #10

  239. Jeanetta Stewart says:

    Exceptional nighttime photography–the essence of a wedding!

  240. Alexis says:

    #16 so cute!

  241. Jennifer Sheffield says:

    #13 Bethany and Rob cuz it is BEAUTIFUL people being photgraphed BEAUTIFULLY! Love it!

  242. mary Steele says:

    # 10 Sarah & Symon, great picture – makes me smile

  243. Lou Anne says:

    I love # 9 The lighting and the feel that comes accross of “after the ceremony” – they both look content

  244. Kristin Bryant says:

    Picture #13 of Bethany and Rob! Bethany’s dress is gorgeous! I think I voted in the wrong place before, so I am adding my vote here.

  245. Rod says:

    #16 gets my vote.

  246. Bhrenda says:

    I vote for #16. I love the look of the church!

  247. Martina says:

    #5 jesseca looks sooo pretty!

  248. alejandra says:

    #5 has to best picture by far

  249. susanne says:

    #5 looks great! i’ll have to bring my daughter here for senior pictures

  250. Rachel says:

    #5 looks stunning

  251. Alex says:

    #5 looks beautiful

  252. RobErt says:

    #13 has my vote. I love my beautiful bride!

  253. Trudy says:

    #15…no doubt! All are very good, though.

  254. Natalie white says:

    Love #7 old Hollywood glamour!

  255. Linda Poulton says:

    #13…..Beautiful bride, handsome groom and a wonderful photo that captured their love for each other.

  256. Sue Self says:

    # 7….totally awesome! I have never seen a wedding picture quite like it. Great.

  257. Brooke Kramer says:

    Absolutely love #16! Stunning!

  258. taylor says:

    Most definitely number Five!

  259. Rachel says:

    #5 she is gorgeous!

  260. Allie says:

    #5 no doubt about it

  261. Steve Poulton says:

    My comment is for 13

  262. Steve Poulton says:

    Great composition in a black and white, plus a beautiful couple.

  263. Kara says:

    #13… The bride is absolutely beautiful and you can tell this groom knows it!

  264. Karen Ferra says:

    My pick is number 13. These two are made for each other. Love the both of them very much.

  265. Melissa says:

    # 16 is my favorite for so many reasons…Tracy you are very talented!

  266. Dennis Ferra says:

    I pick number 13. She is a beautiful bride and you can tell that Rob really loves this gal. They are an amazing couple. Of course I am the father of the bride so I am a little biased.

  267. Bethany Farr says:

    #13…. love love love!

  268. Jenny says:

    I vote for #15! He’s such a cutie!

  269. Katie Torres says:

    I vote for #16 – Lauren and Ryan! I love the picture, and the beautiful church garden in the background.

  270. Kristen Hillger says:

    #16 – What a great shot!

  271. Sarah says:

    #16 is my favorite!

  272. Benton Thomason says:

    I like number #16 the best

  273. jay storey says:

    i vote for #13 because i love that picture above the love seat with all the lines and that guy in the pic is amazingly hot – please send me his name and address so i can speak with him. Did he really get married – oh if its true i don’t know what i will do. Well – if he did get married, I guess that chick what ever her name is – isn’t all that bad looking.

  274. Missy says:

    #13 is amazing!

  275. Mike Marshall says:

    I vote for #16….it is incredible!

  276. Kayla says:

    No. 16 is my favorite

  277. Brandi M says:

    I vote for #9, Lindsey and Jason. I knew Linsdey in college, and not only does she have a heart of gold, but her heart has always been protected by her sweetie, Jason. They are cute as a button and deserve a wonderful canvas wrap of their wedding day. It was STUNNING!

  278. Donna Ayers says:

    #7–Love it…shows Love Lost in it’s own World!

  279. Deanna says:

    Love #7. The city lights in the background and a lovely bridal couple is a perfect picture!!!!!!!!!! Just love it.

  280. Debbie Henson says:

    I am voting for Jason & Kendall #7.

  281. Giedra says:

    My VOTE is – #7 Kendall & Jason!!

  282. Leslie Laswell says:

    16 – Lauren & Ryan – I attended Lauren & Ryan’s wedding and had the pleasure to see all most all of the beautiful photos that were taken. Incredible photographic talent – it also helps that the couple made for GREAT subject matter

  283. Jim Davenport says:

    # 7, married now, ready to hit the lime light, where’s my husband? Love it!

  284. Judy Moore says:

    I am voting for #7. Beautiful bride and excellent photo.

  285. John Reynolds says:

    13 – Bethany & Rob

  286. Teresa Hufstetler says:

    #7 too pretty

  287. Sue Berry says:

    I vote for #7. What a beautiful couple. That would be my grandson and his new wife. Love them so much.

  288. Kyle Kramer says:


  289. pam cox says:

    Loved #16…Ryan and Lauren!

  290. Carrie says:

    #16 – oh my, the architecture and the lines! Beautiful! I’m coming all the way to Fort Worth for my kids grad pics.

  291. Kristy says:

    #15 – I would love to know what Colton was thinking when you captured this shot.

  292. Mike D says:

    #16 the background is almost as nice as the subject!

  293. Elaine says:

    #16 Lauren and Ryan…what a cute couple! This picture matches their personalities perfectly!

  294. Cheree Reagan says:

    16 – Lauren & Ryan is beautiful! (And my favorite!!)

  295. Jayne Strubberg says:

    I vote for #16, Lauren and Ryan. What a gorgeous picture! The lighting and angles of the buildings are very romantic.

  296. Stacey says:

    #13 Bethany and Rob

    Beautiful picture and a beautiful couple!!!!! Love these two!!!!

  297. MISTI HARLAND says:

    #16 is my favorite. Beautiful!!

  298. Seth Richardson says:

    #16 is my favorite. The setting and everything works well together.

  299. Louellen says:

    #16 is my favorite. The lighting and setting are perfect.

  300. Virginia Covaleski says:

    voting for #16…wonderful picture of the happy couples.

  301. Kyndra Thomason says:

    I love #16….The building and trees seem as if they are drawn to Ryan and Lauren. Beautiful picture that captures the sweet couple they are.

  302. Becky Batla says:

    # 16 in my favorite some amazing pictures

  303. Juliana says:

    I vote for #16. Great picture!

  304. Betty Scoggins says:

    I vote for #7

  305. Mitch says:

    #7 is awesome. The lighting around their faces makes the picture. The skyline is an added bonus to a great picture

  306. Oh…To be young and in Love!!!

  307. Phyllis McDougal says:

    I vote for #16. They look so happy.

  308. Malinda Hogue says:

    #7 – Love these two very special people! This pic is
    sooooo beautiful! Jason & Kendall!

  309. Janet Ball says:

    #16 is my vote – only have eyes for each other!

  310. Katy Lanmon says:

    #7…Precious couple and an AMAZING photo!

  311. Alex says:

    #7 is by far the best!

  312. John Kincel says:

    #16 (Batla photo)

  313. Stacey Griffith says:

    #9 all the way!!!!!!!!!

  314. Jana Scharnberg says:

    #7 of course!

  315. Darlene Cooper says:

    #16 is my favorite – beautiful picture!!!

  316. Cara Goldstein says:

    I vote for #7

  317. Kay Ramos says:

    I vote for #9, Lindsey and Jason. This is an amazing shot of a gorgeous bride and dashing groom with a vintage hollywood feel.

  318. Jamie says:

    #7 Kendall & Jason!!

  319. I vote # 7 very beautiful.

  320. Lori C. says:

    #7 has my vote! Awesome!!

  321. Eric Prewitt says:

    I vote for #7

  322. Lucy says:

    #5 so vibrant!!!!

  323. Ashley Wheeler says:

    #5!! Jess is beautiful!! =)

  324. Beth Cook says:

    #9 is my favorite!!!! They look amazing!!!!!!!

  325. Rene Resendiz says:

    #5 is my favorite.

  326. Lauren says:

    #5 she is absoultely beautiful

  327. Darlene Easton says:

    #13 has my vote….love,love,love the black and white photo! And her dress – gorgeous!

  328. Kelsie Little says:

    Numbahhhhhh Fiveeee<333

  329. Kim Cullins Prewitt says:

    #7 LOVE LIGHTS A CITY….The glow of the city is the perfect backdrop for our glowing couple! This exquisite picture perfectly captures one of many magical moments that Kendall and Jason shared on their wedding day. (Jason’s mom)

  330. Michael says:

    I vote number 5! The color scheme is excellent, she has a wonderful smile and she looks absolutely beautiful!

  331. Phyllis says:

    #5 Jes, your gorgeous!

  332. Rebecca says:

    #5 because it is a beautiful picture of a cute girl showing her personality.

  333. Justin says:

    number 5 no doubt!

  334. Justin says:

    #5 no doubt!

  335. Shayna says:

    #5 Goooooo Jessica!! Love ya girl

  336. Harriett says:

    They are beautiful.. Love the city lights.

  337. Allison says:

    I have to vote for #4. :) Thanks for capturing such beautiful moments from our special day!

  338. Melissa Jones says:

    #5, because she is soooooooooooo cute :)

  339. Jessica Bailiff says:

    #5 (: the colors are great and Jesseca is adorable!

  340. jonathanp says:

    #5 jessica… it’s the smile

  341. Kelly says:

    #5! she’s gorgeous&& really stands out against the purple.

  342. Leslie Cave says:

    I love #7! The lights on the building are so beautiful and the lighting on the bride and groom is amazing!

  343. kara says:

    picture number 5.jesseca looks absolutely gorgeous!

  344. Kendall says:

    #7 … because we can vote for ourselves, right?! And it brings back the warm fuzzies when I look at at. :)

  345. Michelle Dunlap says:

    #7… Kendall and Jason are gorgeous!!!! And i love the photo!

  346. spuluna says:

    #5 she’s one of he nicest girls i know and everyone loves her

  347. Nancy Hillger says:

    All our great but #16 is my favorite!!!

  348. Michelle says:

    i vote for Jessica. #5!!!!

  349. Clint says:

    Picture #7 FTW!

  350. lacey knoblock says:

    #5 yay fer jesseca =]
    Gorgeous as always

  351. Samantha says:

    #5!. She deserves it!!. :D

  352. monica correa says:

    #5 jesseca :)

  353. Lindsey Griffith says:

    Ummm #9 of course!! Can you say George Clooney??

  354. Cydney says:

    #13…..You captured the very true love that they have for each other and the expression on their faces is PRICELESS!!!! Love the black and white….very dramatic!!!

  355. Stacey Kirkham says:

    I vote for #7 because the photo is not only beautiful, but it gives so many hints as to what their wedding day was like…..love that you can see how beautiful downtown Ft.Worth is during the holidays….one of the main reasons Kendall and Jason decided to marry in December…….and that view is why we love City Club. Proud mother of the bride

  356. Brittany says:

    I vote for #5 <3

  357. Taylor says:

    #5 Jess is very beautiful!

  358. cori says:

    I like number five with jessica.

  359. Travis Coats says:

    #16 GREAT PHOTO!!!

  360. Annette says:

    #16 is simply beautiful!

  361. Jasmin Soares says:

    I vote number 5! she’s soo gorgeous! :)

  362. Ann Moore says:

    Such awesome pictures. But #15, Colton, wins for me. His eyes express??? Is he is thinking of mischief.

  363. RON says:

    Dasher’s vote #16

  364. Justin says:

    #16 is simply the greatest picture of the bunch!

  365. Denzel Gayden says:

    i vote for #5

  366. Krystal says:

    # 16! These are all great photos!

  367. Chelsea says:

    I like number 10!** Sarah & Symon

  368. Bobby says:


  369. Chelsea says:

    I like number 11!

  370. Angela says:

    #5 Go Jesseca

  371. Marina says:

    #15. Beautiful pictures!!

  372. Tai Nguyen says:


    Thats my girlfriend, and shes quite beautiful! :)

  373. Dan says:

    #13 is the winner. Rob’s eyes are heavenly

  374. Roberta says:

    My vote is for #6 Tiffany & Matthew. I just love the feeling of it.

  375. Kelsey Jones says:

    #16 without a doubt!! Love these two, but this picture leaves me speechless!! Your one of kind!

  376. Carmen Terry says:

    Love #16, it’s so romantic.

  377. Walter says:

    #16 Ryan and Lauren

  378. joel says:

    16. They’re kind of a big deal…

  379. Sara Ramirez says:

    #13!!! I love the way you captured the passion and love they have for each other. It leaves me wanting to know more….what happened next. It’s like a still shot in a romantic movie.

  380. Nancy S says:

    Absolutely, positively lucky #13. Love the black and white and setting is beautiful and the couple is awesome.

  381. Allison says:

    #7 is amazing!!!

  382. Gaylen Sims says:

    I love the Texas setting.

  383. Ann juracek says:

    #13 I love this picture, it’s so beautiful- and the bride and groom are two of my favorites ;)

  384. Barbara says:

    #15 Colton is a little doll and I bet as mischevious as he looks.

  385. Gaylen Sims says:

    I think #15 is above and beyond!!

  386. Lindsay says:

    #15–the most handsome nephew in the WHOLE world!!!

  387. Sue Ferra says:

    #13 The composition is beautiful

  388. Joyce says:

    #15 This little boy is absolutely adorable!

  389. Debe Rogers says:

    #7- Beautiful setting, great photo!

  390. Gena says:

    #16 is a beautiful photo

  391. Karen says:

    I love #16 of. Lauren and Ryan—so sweet

  392. Chuck says:

    Number 16 gets my vote. Fantastic photo!

  393. LeAnna says:

    #15 they are all great but Colton wins for sure!

  394. Sherry Gillespie says:

    #16 is my favorite. I love the angle of the camera and the lighting. Also just think the back ground is beautiful!

  395. Rachel says:

    7! Beautiful Picture!

  396. Robert says:

    #16 Lauren & Ryan gets my vote. All of your pictures are great!

  397. Shelley says:

    #7 is spectacular!!

  398. Frankie Young says:

    I am Frankie Young and I am voting for number 16.

  399. Jim Terry says:

    #16 gets my vote. The color is so subtle and unique. The lens creates the effect that the buildings and the trees are leaning in from all sides as if to get a better look at Lauren and Ryan.

  400. Sandy Williams says:

    I love # 16 Lauren & Ryan. Tracy–you are a very gifted photographer!

  401. Julianne says:

    I vote for #15!

  402. Sonya says:

    Have you seen a photo more gorgeous than #7 ?! VOTE KENDALL AND JASON!!

  403. Frankie Young says:


  404. Courtney says:

    Picture # 15, they are all amazing but Mr. Colton is too handsome!!!

  405. Brenda Kegans says:

    Beautiful photo

  406. Gayle says:

    Number 16 is my favorite.

  407. Tim Bruster says:

    No. 16 – Lauren and Ryan — Beautiful couple in a beautiful setting!

  408. I the the originality of Jason and Kendall #7 is so beautiful!! It examplifies elegance and a rare picture of the city!!!!!

  409. MaryEllen says:

    #7 Is the best! LOVE Kendall and Jason!

  410. Brandi says:

    Colton is a cutie!! VOTE #15

  411. Larry Batla says:

    #16 is my favorite

  412. Craig Crocker says:

    I really like the composition of #16 – Lauren & Ryan PLUS they’re both really great young folk!

  413. Sonia Lopez says:

    #16 is my favorite

  414. Amy says:

    #7 Awesome picture!

  415. Pearl Carpenter says:

    #15 Colton = Always the boy of action and fun, what next! awsome picture

  416. Crystal says:

    15- Colton: He’s my nephew and the cutest little boy in the world!

  417. Pam says:

    I vote for photo #15.

  418. Becky says:

    #7 adorable and great lighting.

  419. Gillian says:

    Number 7. I love it!

  420. Janet Hill says:

    #15 – Colton = what a great photo! It truly captures the wheels that are always turning.

  421. Blaine says:

    #16 is my fave!

  422. El says:

    I vote #7— awesome skyline!

  423. #7 …Love the skyline !

  424. Jamie says:

    I’m voting for #7!!

  425. Anna says:

    Lauren & Ryan, #16!

  426. Carol says:

    #16, Lauren and Ryan. Very nice picture!

  427. Katie says:

    # 15 gets my vote!!! All the photos are great though! Thanks for sharing!

  428. Christina says:

    Picture #13.

    Love it! I wish I would have discovered you before I got married!

  429. Miriam says:

    #16 My FAVORITE… I love the scenery.

  430. Ryan says:

    #16!!! Lauren and Ryan!!!

  431. Maria Gamboa says:

    Our favorite was #16 – Lauren & Ryan

  432. Tina Robertson says:

    I vote for #16.

  433. Jamie J says:

    I vote for #16 – Lauren & Ryan!

  434. Wendy Kay says:

    I’m really torn between #6, #7, and #9…but I think Im going to go with #6!

  435. Edward Scott says:


  436. Mintara Maxfield says:

    Great Photos! #15 has my vote!

  437. Heather says:

    Picture # 15

    They all look amazing – great shots!!

  438. Lauren says:

    Number 16! Cool idea, Tracy…this is fun! :)

  439. Meredith says:

    Um….number 15 of course! This is fun. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

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