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AshleyMattEng 0173 Ashley & Matt Engaged!

Perfect couple + amazing blue sky = very happy photographer

Ashley and Matt were in town this week from Oklahoma for some wedding tasks so we got together in Grapevine for a vintage small town feel.  We played on some trains and ended at Lake Grapevine.  Matt was such a gentlemen and carried Ashley through some damp grass to get to the spots I wanted to shoot at so her heels wouldn’t sink into the ground.  It was great fun seeing them both and I know their wedding in May at Maple Manor and City Club Dallas is going to be a blast.

These two won me over before the session started because they let me pick their location!  Some of my couples have ideas about spots to shoot but others will tell me a feel they want and let me play.  The best thing about that is I get to select a new place or some where I haven’t been to in awhile so that it feels fresh and exciting to me.  Gotta love that!

AshleyMattEng 01681 Ashley & Matt Engaged!


AshleyMattEng 0167 Ashley & Matt Engaged!

Ashley is just gorgeous!

AshleyMattEng 0166 Ashley & Matt Engaged!

I don't have words except :)

AshleyMattEng 0171 Ashley & Matt Engaged!

The texture of her shirt with this tin wall and thier hotness is ah-mazing.

AshleyMattEng 0163 Ashley & Matt Engaged!

We have had SO much wind lately and we have been trying to use it to our advantage. I think this worked the wind.

AshleyMattEng 0164 Ashley & Matt Engaged!

AshleyMattEng 0165 Ashley & Matt Engaged!

AshleyMattEng 0169 Ashley & Matt Engaged!


AshleyMattEng 0170 Ashley & Matt Engaged!

These two just make me happy.

AshleyMattEng 0174 Ashley & Matt Engaged!

AshleyMattEng 0172 Ashley & Matt Engaged!

AshleyMattEng 0175 Ashley & Matt Engaged!

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SrPortBlog Caelan   Class of 2010

Sweet, Silly, Attitude and just Gorgeous!

Caelan is a super sweet young lady from San Antonio who came up to Fort Worth for her senior portraits.  We had so much fun exploring some of my favorite locations for her many outfits.  We even spotlighted her field uniform for drill team at the Kimball Art Museum.  Her family joined in for the beginning of the shoot which you can see some pics of here but these are my favorite of Caelan as well as her slide show.

ZeitlerFam 0267 Caelan   Class of 2010
Doing a bit of loitering for a cute shot.

ZeitlerFam 0268 Caelan   Class of 2010

ZeitlerFam 0269 Caelan   Class of 2010
When I showed this pic on the back of my camera to her brother he said she looked like she could be in a magazine and I agree. Definitley editorial material.

ZeitlerFam 0270 Caelan   Class of 2010

ZeitlerFam 0275 Caelan   Class of 2010
Fun with an empty frame.
ZeitlerFam 0276 Caelan   Class of 2010
Her field uniform is so cute (I was an assistant drill team director for a bit so I LOVE it. I know, silly me.)
ZeitlerFam 0277 Caelan   Class of 2010
Sporting some school spirit

ZeitlerFam 0278 Caelan   Class of 2010

ZeitlerFam 0279 Caelan   Class of 2010

ZeitlerFam 0280 Caelan   Class of 2010

ZeitlerFam 0281 Caelan   Class of 2010

ZeitlerFam 0282 Caelan   Class of 2010

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LaurenRyanEng 0011 Lauren & Ryan Engaged!

Favorite from the shoot! Texture, love and a very vintage feel.

At the beginning of the session Ryan was giving Lauren a hard time, with love of course, and at that moment he had me for sure.  I adore couples who are playful with each other and comfortable and these two are for sure.  I of course had to give Ryan a bit of a hard time too especially when he forgot to take off his first outfit when changing into his second.  He put a second collared shirt on over his first and we just shot away until it was time for wardrobe change number two and there was his first polo again!  I told him he failed the engagement session but I was lying because these two rocked it!  We shot at one of my new favorite spots in Fort Worth that has a very country feel but is right down town.  We also visited a few walls by the studio and the Fort Worth Water Gardens.

I hung out with Lauren on that dreary Saturday last week as well for her bridals but no peeking on those until the wedding.  See you guys in May!

LaurenRyanEng 0002 Lauren & Ryan Engaged!

LaurenRyanEng 0001 Lauren & Ryan Engaged!

LaurenRyanEng 0003 Lauren & Ryan Engaged!

LaurenRyanEng 0004 Lauren & Ryan Engaged!

Such a great looking couple!

LaurenRyanEng 0005 Lauren & Ryan Engaged!

The tranquility pool at the Fort Worth Water Gardens is always a pretty spot any time of the year (great location for weddings by the way!)

LaurenRyanEng 0006 Lauren & Ryan Engaged!

Always love eye lashes

LaurenRyanEng 0007 Lauren & Ryan Engaged!

It was a crowded Saturday down in the falls at the Water Gardens but everyone was so gracious so we could get a few shots.

LaurenRyanEng 0008 Lauren & Ryan Engaged!

LaurenRyanEng 0009 Lauren & Ryan Engaged!


LaurenRyanEng 0010 Lauren & Ryan Engaged!

LaurenRyanEng 0012 Lauren & Ryan Engaged!

Love this little space between buildings

LaurenRyanEng 0013 Lauren & Ryan Engaged!

Ryan is such a sweetie and so much fun to hang out with.

LaurenRyanEng 0014 Lauren & Ryan Engaged!

LaurenRyanEng 0015 Lauren & Ryan Engaged!

I adore the way Ryan takes Lauren's arm when they walk together. They did through out the whole session as we went from spot to spot so we had to get a shot of it. So natural and loving.

LaurenRyanEng 0016 Lauren & Ryan Engaged!

LaurenRyanEng 0017 Lauren & Ryan Engaged!

LaurenRyanEng 0018 Lauren & Ryan Engaged!

Chasing her for a kiss.

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TT2010 CClubFW TAutemBlog 0016 Tablescapes and Trends for 2010 at City Club FW

The ballroom at City Club look Fab with decor design by Tami Winn, lighting by Randal Stout Entertainment and dresses by Bliss Bridal

Earlier this month Lightly Photography & Tracy Autem Photography were so lucky to be a part of the fabulous Tablescapes & Trends of 2010 event at City Club of Fort Worth.  This party featured the very best vendors, all of which we LOVE to work with!  Featured here are some photos of the vendors amazing floral designs, decor ideas, cakes, lighting and of course the site itself!  What fabulous people were showcased?  If you are looking for any vendors for your upcoming wedding or party check out these links:

City Club Fort Worth

Tami Winn Events

Bliss Bridal

Celebrations Event Rental

Pea Pod Productions

Creme de la Creme

”Travis-Lee” and “Functions”

Randall Stout Entertainment

Jordan Payne Events

Mary Parks Floral

Events by Dana

Posh Couture Rentals

Weddings on the Boulevard

Its Your Night DJ

Turquoise Video Productions

Ducky Bob’s

i entertainment

Kelly Norvell with Bridal Blooms

TT2010 CClubFW TAutemBlog 0001 Tablescapes and Trends for 2010 at City Club FW

Looking for a down town indoor ceremony spot? City club has an amazing spot with a great view of down town. Decor and flowers by Tami Winn.

TT2010 CClubFW TAutemBlog 0015 Tablescapes and Trends for 2010 at City Club FW

Floral by Tami Winn with some killer furniture by Celebrations Event Rental

TT2010 CClubFW TAutemBlog 0002 Tablescapes and Trends for 2010 at City Club FW

Love the little birds used in the ceremony space. Made me think of the Lightly Photo bird! Decor by Tami Winn.

TT2010 CClubFW TAutemBlog 0003 Tablescapes and Trends for 2010 at City Club FW

Table design by Travis Lee. Super fun. Why? I adore the eclectic feel to this design. It breaks away from the norm and has a ton of personality, just like this designer.

TT2010 CClubFW TAutemBlog 0006 Tablescapes and Trends for 2010 at City Club FW

I like elephants so I had to show off this detail shot of Travis' design.

TT2010 CClubFW TAutemBlog 0007 Tablescapes and Trends for 2010 at City Club FW

I love yellow. It is a color I wish more people would use for their weddings at is so bright and happy. Marla from Pea Pod Productions designed this cheery table which I adore for the different types of vases & flowers as well as the yummy lemons.

TT2010 CClubFW TAutemBlog 0005 Tablescapes and Trends for 2010 at City Club FW

This design and the one below are both by Jordan Payne events. I love the rich colors of this one and the simple elegance below.

TT2010 CClubFW TAutemBlog 0012 Tablescapes and Trends for 2010 at City Club FW

TT2010 CClubFW TAutemBlog 0008 Tablescapes and Trends for 2010 at City Club FW

A really neat idea for a couple that was married away but having a party here complete with weddng photos from thier beach destination and sea shells. By Weddings on the Boulevard

TT2010 CClubFW TAutemBlog 0017 Tablescapes and Trends for 2010 at City Club FW

Yummy red cake by Creme de la Creme. We ALWAYS love workng with them.

TT2010 CClubFW TAutemBlog 0009 Tablescapes and Trends for 2010 at City Club FW

Adorable flower girl basket by Kelly Norvell of Bridal Blooms

TT2010 CClubFW TAutemBlog 0010 Tablescapes and Trends for 2010 at City Club FW

Bridal Bouquet by Kelly Norvell of Bridal Blooms

TT2010 CClubFW TAutemBlog 0004 Tablescapes and Trends for 2010 at City Club FW

Love the Asian inspired theme of this table by Dayna. Subtle but present = perfection.

TT2010 CClubFW TAutemBlog 0011 Tablescapes and Trends for 2010 at City Club FW

TT2010 CClubFW TAutemBlog 0018 Tablescapes and Trends for 2010 at City Club FW

Candy Bar by Tami Winn

TT2010 CClubFW TAutemBlog 0013 Tablescapes and Trends for 2010 at City Club FW

Love the hollywood feel of the red and blue and the great lounge furntiure. Room design by Tami Winn, Lighting by Randall Stout and of course the ballroom is at City Club Fort Worth.

TT2010 CClubFW TAutemBlog 0014 Tablescapes and Trends for 2010 at City Club FW

Do you want to really spice up the decor at your event? Furniture is a sure way to wow your guests. Celebration Event Rental has a wide selection of perfect furniture and other items for your party.

TT2010 CClubFW TAutemBlog 0019 Tablescapes and Trends for 2010 at City Club FW

Signature after dinner drink anyone? Always loving the food and beverages at City Club!

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March 23, 2010 Laura & Jeff

LauraJeffR 0007 Laura & Jeff

Perfect wind making this moment have even more energy.

These two headed up last week from Austin for some wedding planning and errands.  So many of our couples live out of the area and I have so much respect for them as it is hard work to plan a wedding from a distance.  I was excited to take the opportunity to hang out with these two and get to know them on  a Saturday morning before they day really took off with tastings and meeting their officiant.

I had not shot at the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens in ages so it was neat to play there before hitting a new spot, a cute cottage I recently found.  Jeff is so sweet to Laura and they really were just adorable.  Their wedding is coming up fast in early May so I will see you guys soon!

LauraJeffR 0009 Laura & Jeff

sweet symmetry

LauraJeffR 0001 Laura & Jeff

LauraJeffR 0002 Laura & Jeff

LauraJeffR 0005 Laura & Jeff

LauraJeffR 0010 Laura & Jeff

One of my favorites from the session, I always adore the about to kiss moment.

LauraJeffR 0013 Laura & Jeff

such a BLUE sky!

LauraJeffR 0003 Laura & Jeff

LauraJeffR 0004 Laura & Jeff

LauraJeffR 0012 Laura & Jeff

Love the perspective on this one through the trees with the fence.

LauraJeffR 0008 Laura & Jeff

LauraJeffR 0006 Laura & Jeff

LauraJeffR 0011 Laura & Jeff

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