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November 17, 2009 Dillion Family

Dillionfall2009blog 00171 Dillion Family

A few weeks ago I met Owen for his newborn session at the Dillion house.  Dad and sister were out that day so I was so excited when Mom, Jessica, called wanting to do a family session before the holidays.  Owen has grown and gotten even cuter and kept those baby blues like I hoped he would.  Big sis, Laura, is ah-mazing.  She is cute as a button with the freckles, curls and a huge heart for her baby brother.  This session was also really fun for me because we did something I have been wanting to for awhile, we shot right out side the studio!  For many of our family sessions we shoot at their home or at a locations through out the area but I have been dying to do a more urban looking shoot like we do for so many of our engagment session.  Jessica and her family trusted me and I think it turned out awesome.  Here some favorite shots, it was hard to narrow them down!

Dillionfall2009blog 0001 Dillion Family

Dillionfall2009blog 0002 Dillion Family

Dillionfall2009blog 0003 Dillion Family

Dillionfall2009blog 0004 Dillion Family

Dillionfall2009blog 0005 Dillion Family

Dillionfall2009blog 0007 Dillion Family

Dillionfall2009blog 0008 Dillion Family

Dillionfall2009blog 0009 Dillion Family

Dillionfall2009blog 0010 Dillion Family

Dillionfall2009blog 0011 Dillion Family

Dillionfall2009blog 0012 Dillion Family

Dillionfall2009blog 0013 Dillion Family

Dillionfall2009blog 0014 Dillion Family

Dillionfall2009blog 0015 Dillion Family

Dillionfall2009blog 0016 Dillion Family

Dillionfall2009blog 0006 Dillion Family

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November 17, 2009 Callie & Jason Engaged!

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CallieJasonEngBlog 0013 Callie & Jason Engaged!

Callie and Jason are such a fun couple.  I knew from the moment I met Callie at the Best in Bridal Show in Fort Worth that this girl would be awesome to work with.  She proved me right at her engagement session as shooting her, Jason and their adorable little boy topped my list of fun for last week.  Jason, like many grooms, claims to not be so good in front of the camera but he really did so great!  I find most guys relax just loving on their favorite people and he melted at moments with Callie and Brady.  Their little boy stole my heart and made me even more excited about my little boy who is coming in a few weeks.  You two were so hot and I know the wedding in April is going to be a blast, see you guys soon and I can’t wait to see how big Brady is by the wedding!

CallieJasonEngBlog 0010 Callie & Jason Engaged!

CallieJasonEngBlog 0008 Callie & Jason Engaged!

CallieJasonEngBlog 0003 Callie & Jason Engaged!

This is thier precious little boy, Brady. He joined in on the fun for some family photos during the session. LOVE his eyes!

CallieJasonEngBlog 0001 Callie & Jason Engaged!

CallieJasonEngBlog 0002 Callie & Jason Engaged!

CallieJasonEngBlog 0006 Callie & Jason Engaged!

CallieJasonEngBlog 0005 Callie & Jason Engaged!

CallieJasonEngBlog 0004 Callie & Jason Engaged!

CallieJasonEngBlog 0007 Callie & Jason Engaged!

CallieJasonEngBlog 0011 Callie & Jason Engaged!

CallieJasonEngBlog 0012 Callie & Jason Engaged!

CallieJasonEngBlog 0009 Callie & Jason Engaged!

CallieJasonEngBlog 0014 Callie & Jason Engaged!

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November 13, 2009 Diana & Jared Engaged!

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DianaJarodBlog 0001 Diana & Jared Engaged!

Diana & Jared are having a destination wedding in Cabo later next year and although I won’t be able to join them for their wedding Diana really wanted some photos here at home prior to their day.  Diana is friends with one of my brides from this year so I was super excited to get to know them and hang out for their shoot last week.  We explored some of my favorite urban hang outs and a few new places.

DianaJarodBlog 0003 Diana & Jared Engaged!

DianaJarodBlog 0004 Diana & Jared Engaged!

DianaJarodBlog 0006 Diana & Jared Engaged!

DianaJarodBlog 0007 Diana & Jared Engaged!

DianaJarodBlog 0008 Diana & Jared Engaged!

DianaJarodBlog 0009 Diana & Jared Engaged!

DianaJarodBlog 0010 Diana & Jared Engaged!

DianaJarodFaves 0005 Diana & Jared Engaged!

DianaJarodBlog 0002 Diana & Jared Engaged!


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November 13, 2009 Lopez Family

LopezFamFall2009Blog 0002 Lopez Family

These two little girls steal my heart every time I photograph them. I can’t believe little Lucia has gotten so big, I have been photographing her since birth! Valerie & Sal have the best 2 girls and they are expecting a third child early next year, I can’t wait to get to meet the new addition and I think Aurelia has got the big sister thing down by now. Here are some favorites from their family session this year at the art museums in Fort Worth.

LopezFamFall2009Blog 0001 Lopez Family

LOVE those baby blues. She has had these amazing eyes since birth and man they wow me.

LopezFamFall2009Blog 0003 Lopez Family

Aurelia decided it was time to play with Tracy, not have her photo taken but I still got her!

LopezFamFall2009Blog 0004 Lopez Family

Playing at sleeping

LopezFamFall2009Blog 0005 Lopez Family

Hugging on Mommy

LopezFamFall2009Blog 0006 Lopez Family

A portrait of the children, Lucia, Aurelia and baby on the way!

LopezFamFall2009Blog 0007 Lopez Family

Thanks Lopez Family and I can't wait to see you guys again!

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November 6, 2009 Sarah + Evan = Engaged

HalfertyEngBlog 0007 Sarah + Evan = Engaged

I promised more photos from this fabulous session and here they are!  For those that don’t know the bride in these photos is my very own associate Sarah Bunyard.  She is marrying Evan in January in Grapevine.  Since she is a photographer we had to play around with some different ideas for her shoot and come up with something with a little more spice than a “regular” engagement shoot.  Evan and Sarah both love vintage things and spend tons of time antiquing together.  We thought it would be fun to bring that vintage feel into their shoot.  That led us to select the McKinney Cotton Mill for thier location.  The Cotton Mill is a great spot for those that want something with that open warehouse look, old machinery, doors and beautiful light.   On top of the vintage look we of course went for some classic casual shots and even explored downtown McKinney for a few shots in an antique store.  I love getting to work with fellow artists and Sarah is like a little sister too me so the shoot was very special.  Here are some favorite shots and of course their very loooong slide show (I couldn’t help it, I loved way too many.)

HalfertyEngBlog 0001 Sarah + Evan = Engaged

HalfertyEngBlog 0004 Sarah + Evan = Engaged

HalfertyEngBlog 0005 Sarah + Evan = Engaged

HalfertyEngBlog 0008 Sarah + Evan = Engaged

HalfertyEngBlog 0018 Sarah + Evan = Engaged

HalfertyEngBlog 0010 Sarah + Evan = Engaged

HalfertyEngBlog 0017 Sarah + Evan = Engaged

HalfertyEngBlog 0009 Sarah + Evan = Engaged

HalfertyEngBlog 0013 Sarah + Evan = Engaged

HalfertyEngBlog 0002 Sarah + Evan = Engaged

HalfertyEngBlog 0003 Sarah + Evan = Engaged

HalfertyEngBlog 0006 Sarah + Evan = Engaged

HalfertyEngBlog 0022 Sarah + Evan = Engaged

HalfertyEngBlog 0021 Sarah + Evan = Engaged

HalfertyEngBlog 0019 Sarah + Evan = Engaged

HalfertyEngBlog 0016 Sarah + Evan = Engaged

HalfertyEngBlog 0011 Sarah + Evan = Engaged

HalfertyEngBlog 0012 Sarah + Evan = Engaged

Slide Show

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