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TirbeniEngBlog 0001 Christina & Andrew Engaged!

I was so excited to finally catch up with these two, between illness and allergic reactions we had to reschedule a few times but it was SO worth the wait.  Andrew wanted some city vibes and Christina wanted something more natural so we explored a few of my favorite spots in Fort Worth as well as the Trinity River off down town.  These two have known each other since high school and I just love how comfortable they are with one another.   They laughed and played and made my job so very easy.  Here are some cute shots from their session.

TirbeniEngBlog 0002 Christina & Andrew Engaged!

TirbeniEngBlog 0003 Christina & Andrew Engaged!

TirbeniEngBlog 0005 Christina & Andrew Engaged!

TirbeniEngBlog 0004 Christina & Andrew Engaged!

TirbeniEngBlog 0006 Christina & Andrew Engaged!

TirbeniEngBlog 0007 Christina & Andrew Engaged!

TirbeniEngBlog 0008 Christina & Andrew Engaged!

TirbeniEngBlog 0009 Christina & Andrew Engaged!

TirbeniEngBlog 0010 Christina & Andrew Engaged!


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July 1, 2009 Married 1 Year!

autemtrashing 30 900x602 Married 1 Year!

From our Dress Trashing session after our wedding - by Cristina Wisner

I can’t believe a year ago today JW and I were married on St. John in the Virgin Islands.  Time has flown by and I am even happier and more thankful for the husband I have today than last year.  As we celebrate this first anniversary we are also preparing for an even bigger event, our first child.  For those of you that don’t know I wanted to share with my valued clients and blog stalkers that we are expecting this coming December.  We will be finding out the sex of the baby later this month so once we know I will be sure to let you know.

Today my hubby took my on a field trip to the Bureau of Engraving & Printing here in Fort Worth.  It is one of only 2 places where US currency is printed.  It was oh so cute because first anniversary is supposed to be paper so we definitely honored that!  I just wanted to share a few photos as I remenice on our island wedding last year from our fabulous photographer Cristina Wisner.  Sunday we will be heading to Hawaii to celebrate our anniversary some more before I shoot a fabulous Island wedding myself on the 10th!

autempicks 14 Married 1 Year!

Playing in the water - by Cristina Wisner

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HixsonWedblog 0003 Mrs & Mrs John Hixson

How lucky am I?  So super lucky to work with couples as great as Amy & John.  These two had a first look which allowed us a ton of time to play befor

e the wedding and after in their down town by the court house.  It was fun just watching these two love on one another.

John was so nervous leading up to the first look that it really was great that we had pre-selected to do it.  From the moment he opened that door and walked toward her the color came back to his face and those nerves flew out the window.  Amy looked amazing in her lace gown and I just adored her ribbon belt and broach that complemented her vintage look perfectly.  Here are some favorite photos from thier day.

HixsonWedblog 0001 Mrs & Mrs John Hixson

HixsonWedblog 0002 Mrs & Mrs John Hixson

HixsonWedblog 0004 Mrs & Mrs John Hixson

HixsonWedblog 0005 Mrs & Mrs John Hixson

HixsonWedblog 00061 Mrs & Mrs John Hixson

HixsonWedblog 00071 Mrs & Mrs John Hixson

HixsonWedblog 0008 Mrs & Mrs John Hixson

HixsonWedblog 0009 Mrs & Mrs John Hixson

HixsonWedblog 0010 Mrs & Mrs John Hixson

HixsonWedblog 0012 Mrs & Mrs John Hixson

HixsonWedblog 0013 Mrs & Mrs John Hixson

HixsonWedblog 0014 Mrs & Mrs John Hixson

HixsonWedblog 0015 Mrs & Mrs John HixsonHixsonWedblog 0016 Mrs & Mrs John Hixson

HixsonWedblog 0017 Mrs & Mrs John Hixson


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