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March 31, 2009 Something Personal

SanAngeloBlog 20 Something Personal
Wow. What a great day today was. I am blessed to do what I love for a living but today I picked up the camera for myself and hit the road. My family lives out in West Texas near San Angelo and over the last 10 years I have been driving past things that were begging to be photographed. This morning I headed out on my own and made a 4 hour drive a 6 hour drive as I stopped and photographed some dilapidated old buildings. Here are some of my favorite shots from my road trip from old barns, an abandoned church and a few homes.

In addition these photos are featuring my new logo for Tracy Autem Photography. My new line will focus on my wedding and personal work. Lightly Photography will continue as my portrait line and weddings by my fabulous associate team. Please see more about the new line at

I will be on my way home in the morning and plan to shoot some more and can’t wait!
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GreenwaldBelly 0001 Michelle & Jason   Expecting!
Michelle and Jason were one of my many awesome couples last year and the first to be expanding their new family. Michelle is due any day now and I can’t wait to see them again in just a few short weeks when the baby arrives. They have kept the sex of the baby a surprise so there is so much more anticipation about this little one. The Dr. keeps saying “he” when discussing the baby so they are thinking that it may be a boy or the Dr. is just super sneaky!

Since we have been working from my home the last few weeks while waiting for the new studio to be completed they came over last week and we took some time to document Michelle’s pregnant belly. Here are a few of my favorite shots and one of them from their wedding last year.

GreenwaldWedBlog 18 Michelle & Jason   Expecting!GreenwaldBelly 0005 Michelle & Jason   Expecting!
GreenwaldBelly 0002 Michelle & Jason   Expecting!GreenwaldBelly 0003 Michelle & Jason   Expecting!
GreenwaldBelly 0004 Michelle & Jason   Expecting!

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Lopez1yearBlog triptic Lucia, Aurelia & Mommy

These two little girls are dear to my heart. I started photographing them both about a year ago when little Lucia was born. Since then I was able to document her at 6 months and now again at almost a year! It is amazing to see how she has grown, started holding herself up and should be walking any day. Aurelia has turned into a three year old with attitude and spunk and it is so cool to see her becoming herself.

Mommy and me sessions are some of my favorite as the focus is very much so on the children but with the young ages having Mom so close gives them a sense of security so she is often in the images or interacting with her children. Here are some shots I just melted over and notice Lucia’s amazing eyes and Aurelia’s excited little laugh.

Lopez1yearBlog 0014 Lucia, Aurelia & Mommy
Lopez1yearBlog 0012 Lucia, Aurelia & Mommy
Lopez1yearBlog 0008 Lucia, Aurelia & Mommy
Lopez1yearBlog 0007 Lucia, Aurelia & Mommy
Lopez1yearBlog 0006 Lucia, Aurelia & Mommy
Lopez1yearBlog 0005 Lucia, Aurelia & Mommy
Lopez1yearBlog 0003 Lucia, Aurelia & Mommy
Lopez1yearBlog 0004 Lucia, Aurelia & Mommy
Lopez1yearBlog 0002 Lucia, Aurelia & Mommy
Lopez1yearBlog 0001 Lucia, Aurelia & Mommy

As most of our clients and friends know this last month we have been in limbo, working from my home as we have waited for our new studio to be completed. We loved our home at 1612 Park Place and the neighborhood so we have stayed within Fort Worth South and will now be located at 106 E Daggett right off the 200 block of South Main.

This Friday night we invite you to join us and all the great Fort Worth South business owners in the Arts Goggle. We will be showing off the new studio from 5 – 10pm. See and click the flyer below for more information about all the participating business’.

We will be unveiling our new company, Tracy Autem Photography, which will cater to high end brides in the area. Original artwork by both my associates, Sarah Bunyard & Sarah Rizy, and myself will be displayed. Live music and beverages as well as more at our neighboring buildings.

We look forward to seeing you there!

SpringArtsGoggle New Studio Preview Night!

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SiebmanWed 3.14.09 0015 Mr. & Mrs. Wade SiebmanLast week Amanda & Wade were married in Weatherford and it was awesome to share their day with them. My favorite part of their day was before they ever saw one another, when they exchanged gifts. Many of my couples do this before the ceremony but never have I gotten so choked up over a gift before. Wade had a beautiful scrapbook made of their history together as a couple and there really was not a dry eye in the room. He also gave her a necklace and she bought him a fun black watch he had been eyeing for months.

Romantics were fun as we stopped traffic in downtown to jump out of the limo and sneak in some photos in front of the courthouse before their reception.

SiebmanWed 3.14.09 0013 Mr. & Mrs. Wade SiebmanSiebmanWed 3.14.09 0001 Mr. & Mrs. Wade SiebmanAmanda applying makeup that she would soon cry off after opening Wade’s gifts.SiebmanWed 3.14.09 0004 Mr. & Mrs. Wade SiebmanSiebmanWed 3.14.09 0002 Mr. & Mrs. Wade SiebmanThis little one just loved her dress! She couldn’t help but play with it and ending up ripping it before the ceremony! A needle and thread is a handy thing to pack on your wedding day.SiebmanWed 3.14.09 0003 Mr. & Mrs. Wade SiebmanLast Minute Preperations (above)

Wade with his stylin’ watch (below)SiebmanWed 3.14.09 0005 Mr. & Mrs. Wade SiebmanSiebmanWed 3.14.09 0007 Mr. & Mrs. Wade SiebmanWhat a fine looking bunch! Big thanks goes out to Matt (all the way on the left), I shot his wedding last year and he reffered Amanda & Wade to us.SiebmanWed 3.14.09 0008 Mr. & Mrs. Wade SiebmanSiebmanWed 3.14.09 0009 Mr. & Mrs. Wade Siebman
Married at last!SiebmanWed 3.14.09 0010 Mr. & Mrs. Wade SiebmanSiebmanWed 3.14.09 0006 Mr. & Mrs. Wade SiebmanTook advantage of the lot across the street from the church, I loved this tree’s white branches.SiebmanWed 3.14.09 0012 Mr. & Mrs. Wade Siebman(image by Jenna – Thanks for shooting with me!)

SiebmanWed 3.14.09 0011 Mr. & Mrs. Wade SiebmanSiebmanWed 3.14.09 0014 Mr. & Mrs. Wade SiebmanSiebmanWed 3.14.09 0016 Mr. & Mrs. Wade SiebmanDancing and having fun with some fraternity traditionsSiebmanWed 3.14.09 0019 Mr. & Mrs. Wade SiebmanSiebmanWed 3.14.09 0018 Mr. & Mrs. Wade SiebmanThe candy bar was awesome! So many choices it was hard to choose.

SiebmanWed 3.14.09 0017 Mr. & Mrs. Wade SiebmanAmanda warned him but Wade still got a little cake on her face.
SiebmanWed 3.14.09 0020 Mr. & Mrs. Wade SiebmanI hope you guys had an amazing honeymoon and I can’t wait to see you soon!