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WilliamsWedBlog 14 Mr. & Mrs. Julian WillaimsAmanda & Julian were married at the Renaissance Worthington in down town Fort Worth on January 10th just a few weeks ago. Their wedding was my first of the year and made a huge statement with all their details. What was even more impressive than the planning that went into this affair was the love these two have for each other.

From the first time I met Julian I knew he had it bad for Amanda and just loved her with all his heart. Amanda without a doubt loves Julian and that is what makes them so much fun to photograph. Through out their engagement session and all other planing these two were just a joy to photograph and be around. I was so honored to be a part of their day and it went perfectly. Congratulations you two! I hope you had a great honeymoon and will have many a blessed year in your future.

WilliamsWedBlog 2 Mr. & Mrs. Julian Willaims(by Sarah Bunyard)
Amanda and her girls on the balcony of their suite before slipping into her gown.

WilliamsWedBlog 5 Mr. & Mrs. Julian Willaims(by Sarah Bunyard)
Julian getting ready

WilliamsWedBlog 3 Mr. & Mrs. Julian WillaimsThe ladies getting ready and heading out for photos and of course the wedding.
WilliamsWedBlog 4 Mr. & Mrs. Julian WillaimsWilliamsWedBlog 6 Mr. & Mrs. Julian WillaimsThis little one decided not to carry his pillow but made it downt he aisle just fine.

WilliamsWedBlog 8 Mr. & Mrs. Julian WillaimsJulian waiting to finally see Amanda, the light was so bright behind her that he couldn’t see her till she got to the very front.
WilliamsWedBlog 7 Mr. & Mrs. Julian WillaimsWilliamsWedBlog 9 Mr. & Mrs. Julian WillaimsMarried Finally!WilliamsWedBlog 10 Mr. & Mrs. Julian WillaimsWilliamsWedBlog 11 Mr. & Mrs. Julian WillaimsA cute moment with Mom right after the ceremony
WilliamsWedBlog 13 Mr. & Mrs. Julian WillaimsFirst Dance (above) and all the guys (below)WilliamsWedBlog 12 Mr. & Mrs. Julian Willaims

WilliamsWedBlog 15 Mr. & Mrs. Julian Willaims
WilliamsWedBlog 16 Mr. & Mrs. Julian Willaims

WilliamsWedBlog 18 Mr. & Mrs. Julian WillaimsEveryone had fun dancing and laughing all night long!

WilliamsWedBlog 17 Mr. & Mrs. Julian Willaims

WilliamsWedBlog 19 Mr. & Mrs. Julian WillaimsAnd then they were off to Hawaii but not before one last stop in front of the down town Court House for a photo op. This may be my favorite pic mostly because right before we snapped it the police had pulled them over for not having their lights on! It worked out, no ticket and they pulled over in ther perfect spot to hop out and take this shot.

WilliamsWedBlog 20 Mr. & Mrs. Julian Willaims

January 20, 2009 It all in the Details

WilliamsWedDetails 0004 It all in the Details
When planning a wedding I think it becomes apparent to the bride early on that it is all in the details. Last weekend I shot a wedding where the bride and her team of awesome vendors definitely paid attention to every last detail.

Amanda selected one of the most extravagant veils I have ever seen (pictured above) and didn’t stop there. Her cake by Creme de la Creme here in Fort Worth was a tower of sugar roses lightly tinted yellow. Her flowers, lighting and all other decor were also so fun that I had to share some of my favorite detail shots!

Photos of the bride and groom coming soon!

WilliamsWedDetails 0003 It all in the DetailsAll the brides details in her hotel room before she dressed (above)
and the couples rings on a baseball…the groom is a baseball player so we thought it would be fun so Amanda brought one along just for this shot. (below)
WilliamsWedDetails 0001 It all in the DetailsWilliamsWedDetails 0002 It all in the Details
I loved the layers and layers under her gown (above) and
Amanda & Julian’s Guest Book and Favors designed by Me!WilliamsWedDetails 0006 It all in the DetailsWilliamsWedDetails 0005 It all in the DetailsFlowers were key and were everywhere from the petal lined aisle, the rose balls hanging behind the altar and of course the bridal bouquet.WilliamsWedDetails 0014 It all in the DetailsWilliamsWedDetails 0012 It all in the DetailsThe trees with dripping bling where fun but the real treat was the cake. Their altar became a display for it during the reception which definitely added to the already dramatic cake.WilliamsWedDetails 0011 It all in the DetailsWilliamsWedDetails 0010 It all in the DetailsLook at all that sugar work!WilliamsWedDetails 0009 It all in the DetailsWilliamsWedDetails 0007 It all in the DetailsAmazing centerpieces and all that was just the setting for an amazing party with some scruptious food. The french onion soup was so good that I had to take a picture of it!WilliamsWedDetails 0013 It all in the Details

January 12, 2009 Boudoir Photography

BoudoirBlog Boudoir Photography
Looking for something different to give your hubby this year for valentines day? Boudoir photography is a fun way to celebrate your self and surprise him with a sexy wow any day of the year. A favorite of many of my brides the session is tailored for your style. Images are always kept between us and are exclusively for his eyes only. Please contact us for more information.

WilliamsAmandaBridalBlog 04 Amanda Williams   Model Bride
Boy am I ever excited to share these! Today Amanda is becoming Mrs. Julian Williams so finally I get to show off her AMAZING bridals. She is a gorgeous girl and we had so much fun on her bridal session in Fort Worth. Her Veil is to die for and she just rocked it and played in front of the camera for me. Here are a few that I just love and there were tons more.

Soon I will have some sneak peeks at their wedding today at the Renaissance Worthington Hotel in down town Fort Worth. Congratulations you two, it has been such a pleasure and I am glad that you were my first 2009 bride and groom!

WilliamsAmandaBridalBlog 05 Amanda Williams   Model BrideWilliamsAmandaBridalBlog 07 Amanda Williams   Model BrideWilliamsAmandaBridalBlog 06 Amanda Williams   Model BrideWilliamsAmandaBridalBlog 03 Amanda Williams   Model Bride

WilliamsAmandaBridalBlog 02 Amanda Williams   Model Bride
WilliamsAmandaBridalBlog 01 Amanda Williams   Model Bride

January 9, 2009 Fite Family

FiteFamilyBlog 0006 Fite FamilyRight before Christmas I had the pleasure to hang out with the Fite Family on one of the coldest days we have seen this winter. That meant heading indoors to a warm location. We shot their family session at their church in Fort Worth and took advantage of some of the architectural details available.

Carter (the little one) is a sweetie and was a trooper especially since it was so cold and he was feeling a little under the weather. Here are a few of my favorites of Carter, the family and some couple shots as well. Enjoy!

FiteFamilyBlog 0005 Fite Family

FiteFamilyBlog 0004 Fite FamilyFiteFamilyBlog 0003 Fite Family

FiteFamilyBlog 0001 Fite FamilyFiteFamilyBlog 0007 Fite FamilyFiteFamilyBlog 0002 Fite Family