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December 24, 2008 Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from the Lightly Photography team! We hope you have a wonderful blessed season. The office will be closed December 22nd-28th so that we can spend it with our families and loved ones. Please feel free to drop as an email or leave us a message and we will get back with you after Christmas.

Are you a new bride? If your guy surprised you with the best Christmas gift ever and got down on one knee and proposed this holiday, Congratulations! We would love to be a part of your day so please shoot us an email so we can set up a time in the new year to chat with you about your wedding photography.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Tracy Autem – President & Photographer
Sarah Bunyard – Associate Photographer
Sarah Rizy – Associate Photographer
Tiffeny Wilbourn – Studio Assistant

December 24, 2008 Amy & Andrew Engaged!

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AAGreenEngBlog 08 Amy & Andrew Engaged!Amy and Andrew are getting married later in 2009 and before the holiday and the weather got too cold I spent the afternoon with them at the Botanic Gardens of Fort Worth as well as a few fun places near by. Amy is so petite and cute and was great inspiration. She brought along a fun prop and even thought ahead to dress in their wedding colors! Andrew did what grooms need to do and loved on her and made the time we spent together even more fun. Here are a few of my favorites.
AAGreenEngBlog 05 Amy & Andrew Engaged!

AAGreenEngBlog 04 Amy & Andrew Engaged!AAGreenEngBlog 06 Amy & Andrew Engaged!
AAGreenEngBlog 02 Amy & Andrew Engaged!AAGreenEngBlog 03 Amy & Andrew Engaged!
AAGreenEngBlog 01 Amy & Andrew Engaged!AAGreenEngBlog 07 Amy & Andrew Engaged!

December 15, 2008 Mr. & Mrs. Scott Murphy

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MurphyWedBlog 12 Mr. & Mrs. Scott MurphyTrish and Scott were married the weekend after Thanksgiving at The Tribute Golf Course. It was a tid bit chilly but boy was it ever beautiful! From every detail, the flowers, her dress and more it was amazing. The sun even cam out for just a few moments for us right after they said their vows for some beautifull warm light as we did their romanitcs out on the golf course.

I got so choked up durring the ceremony as these two made goofy faces at one another and cried themselves. Trish’s sister and aunts sang for the ceremony and that added such a special touch. The food was phenomenal and the everyone partied and had a great time dancing and jumping in the photo booth (a suprise gift from Scott’s brother!)

Here are some of my favorite shots and of course their slide show.

MurphyWedBlog 2 Mr. & Mrs. Scott MurphyLove this fun ring shot with a big soft fluffy robe in the Bridal Suite
MurphyWedBlog 3 Mr. & Mrs. Scott Murphya note from a brides maid
MurphyWedBlog 8 Mr. & Mrs. Scott MurphyMurphyWedBlog 5 Mr. & Mrs. Scott MurphyThe programs were unique and a perfect tie into Trish’s theme of bright colors with blue and brown!

MurphyWedBlog 9 Mr. & Mrs. Scott Murphy

MurphyWedBlog 10 Mr. & Mrs. Scott MurphyYou have to love the excitement as they walk away, man and wife!

MurphyWedBlog 11 Mr. & Mrs. Scott Murphy

MurphyWedBlog 13 Mr. & Mrs. Scott MurphyMurphyWedBlog 14 Mr. & Mrs. Scott MurphyLook at that orange, yummy light! Trish was such a trooper as it was FREEZING!
MurphyWedBlog 15 Mr. & Mrs. Scott MurphyThe Tribute is such a great back drop and when you call a guy with a Scottish Accent will answer the phone…how authentic is that!
MurphyWedBlog 7 Mr. & Mrs. Scott MurphyTexture in a bouquet is one of my favorite things and these Monkey Tails do the trick.
MurphyWedBlog 6 Mr. & Mrs. Scott MurphyMurphyWedBlog 1 Mr. & Mrs. Scott MurphyMurphyWedBlog 16 Mr. & Mrs. Scott MurphyMurphyWedBlog 17 Mr. & Mrs. Scott MurphyThe Yummy Candy Bar was a favorite of all the guests.
MurphyWedBlog 18 Mr. & Mrs. Scott MurphyThese two are so sweet on each other. It makes me smile.

MurphyWedBlog 19 Mr. & Mrs. Scott Murphy


December 2, 2008 Mrs. Trish Murphy!

TrishMurphyBlog07 Mrs. Trish Murphy!
Oh my goodness have I been biting my nails to share these! Trish is so stunning and this weekend she married Scott at The Tribute in The Colony. It was such a pleasure to share in their day and I will be showing off their wedding soon but golly am I happy to show off her bridals!

Trish bought this amazing Winnie Couture Gown from Bliss Bridal (Wendy is amazing, go see her if you need a gown!) and it is so unique. I love the detailing on the bodice, the straps and the back of the gown….wow! Trish of course just puts the icing on the cake as she is beautiful her self. I had so much fun on this shoot and here are some of my favorites!

TrishMurphyBlog03 Mrs. Trish Murphy!TrishMurphyBlog05 Mrs. Trish Murphy!TrishMurphyBlog01 Mrs. Trish Murphy!TrishMurphyBlog02 Mrs. Trish Murphy!TrishMurphyBlog06 Mrs. Trish Murphy!TrishMurphyBlog04 Mrs. Trish Murphy!