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November 27, 2008 Mr & Mrs Devin Wilbourn

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WilbournBlog 07 Mr & Mrs Devin Wilbourn One of our own, Tiffeny, the studio assistant for Lightly Photography was married earlier this month to Devin and I was lucky enough to capture it for them. They were unconventional and were married on a Wednesday at the Botanic Gardens of Fort Worth. This move saved them a ridiculous amount of money and the weather was perfect so it worked out great! Tiff and Devin are a great couple and I really am blessed to have her taking care of both me and all of our clients.

Here are a few favorites from their day!

WilbournBlog 05 Mr & Mrs Devin Wilbourn
WilbournBlog 03 Mr & Mrs Devin Wilbourn
WilbournBlog 04 Mr & Mrs Devin Wilbourn
WilbournBlog 06 Mr & Mrs Devin Wilbourn
WilbournBlog 01 Mr & Mrs Devin WilbournWilbournBlog 02 Mr & Mrs Devin Wilbourn

DolezalEngBlog 0003 Alexandra & Garrison Engaged!Yesterday Alex and Garrison got adventurous with me as we checked out a few new locations and a good old one for their engagement session. I told them it would be after the holiday until they got a peak but I couldn’t help myself! I had to look and then I couldn’t bear the thought of not sharing a few so here are some favorites with a slide show to come next week!

DolezalEngBlog 0007 Alexandra & Garrison Engaged!DolezalEngBlog 0002 Alexandra & Garrison Engaged!DolezalEngBlog 0001 Alexandra & Garrison Engaged!DolezalEngBlog 0004 Alexandra & Garrison Engaged!DolezalEngBlog 0011 Alexandra & Garrison Engaged!DolezalEngBlog 0008 Alexandra & Garrison Engaged!DolezalEngBlog 0009 Alexandra & Garrison Engaged!
DolezalEngBlog 0010 Alexandra & Garrison Engaged!DolezalEngBlog 0005 Alexandra & Garrison Engaged!

November 25, 2008 Alzaitoun Family

alzblog 1 Alzaitoun Family
This weekend I was a lucky girl to take photos of this family. The kids are cute and their Mom, Julie, is a good friend of mine and fellow photographer. It is such a high compliment when I am asked by a fellow photographer to take their photograph!

Natalie and Marco are dolls and were great little models. I found these kids have a great love of fruit! Usually when I ask my kid clients what their favorite food is ( a great alternative to yelling cheese at the camera! ) I get pizza, ice cream and things like that. Marco yelled out Mango’s, Strawberries and Pomegranates! Yep, those words came out of a 3 year old’s mouth. Here are a few favorites.alzblog 8 Alzaitoun Familyalzblog 5 Alzaitoun Familyalzblog 6 Alzaitoun Familyalzblog 9 Alzaitoun Family

November 22, 2008 Lopez Family

VLopezFamBlog01 Lopez FamilyThis morning I hung out with the Lopez family at Heritage Park for a quick session the C-O-L-D! By the end of the session little Lucia’s lips matched her blue eyes.

Lucia and Aurelia are always cuties though and it was great to see how big Lucia had gotten since her newborn session earlier this year. Here are a couple of quick favorites. I love the shots of the girls all bundled up together. icon smile Lopez Family

VLopezFamBlog04 Lopez Family
VLopezFamBlog05 Lopez Family
VLopezFamBlog03 Lopez Family
VLopezFamBlog02 Lopez FamilyVLopezFamBlog06 Lopez Family

November 22, 2008 Amy & John Engaged!

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HixsonEngBlog10 Amy & John Engaged!Last week I hung out with Amy and John at the Fort Worth Cats Baseball stadium. Depending on which one you ask Softball brought these two together and they continue to go to Rangers games so it was a great place for their shoot. I love using locations that mean somehting or reflect a part of a couples relationship. The staff over at La Grave Field are great, thanks a ton for letting us use the field!

These two are goofy in love and I had a rockin time with them just laughing and getting to know them. The funniest thing was after their session, days later, I see them at my church! It turns out we attend the same church (CrossRoads of Arlington) and our pastor is doing their marriage counseling! Joe does such a great job helping you go through issues before you say I do that I know Amy and John will be well prepared come June!

Congratulations you two and I hope we get to know each other well between now and your wedding. See you Sunday!
HixsonEngBlog09 Amy & John Engaged!HixsonEngBlog08 Amy & John Engaged!
HixsonEngBlog07 Amy & John Engaged!
HixsonEngBlog06 Amy & John Engaged!
HixsonEngBlog05 Amy & John Engaged!
HixsonEngBlog03 Amy & John Engaged!
HixsonEngBlog04 Amy & John Engaged!
HixsonEngBlog02 Amy & John Engaged!
HixsonEngBlog01 Amy & John Engaged!