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October 28, 2008 Mr. & Mrs. Ed LaBruyere

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LaBruyereBlog 1 Mr. & Mrs. Ed LaBruyereWhat a complete blessing to share in this short yet important event. Kathryn is a good friend of mine, I owe her allot. I like to think that without her I would not be Tracy Autem, she played an important role in getting my husband to the spot to finally ask me out!

I was honored to share in her day a couple a weeks ago on a Thursday evening when we gathered ad St. Maria Goretti’s in Arlington with just a few close family members to watch these two say their vows. I stole them away, outside to the prayer garden, for a few pictures before the ceremony than we walked in, got set up and these two were married. Definitely not the norm but absolutely perfect. Ed’s 3 kids got to stand behind him, take part in the ceremony by holding the rings and the holly water to bless them. That was so cool!

Congrats you two and I know that your marriage is going to be awesome and Kathryn, thanks for being my friend! Here are some of my faves and of course a quick slide show. Oh – that first image just melts my heart.LaBruyereBlog 2 Mr. & Mrs. Ed LaBruyereLaBruyereBlog 3 Mr. & Mrs. Ed LaBruyere


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LaceyPortBlog 7 Julian, Camille & Rudy   A Family
The last few weeks have been so busy. October is a great month as the weather cools, weddings are in full swing and families start gearing up for the holidays. My first family session of the season took place a few weeks ago with Julian and Camille and their chocolate lab, Rudy.

I love this family. These two are such a match, I wish I had know them sooner and had the privilege to be a part of their wedding day. A doctor and a lawyer, matched at a church social these two have a great bond and love that is undeniable. Rudy is a fun pup that just cracked me up and got me covered in drool.

I look forward to photographing them more as their family grows. Here are a few of my favorite shots from their session.

LaceyPortBlog 6 Julian, Camille & Rudy   A FamilyLaceyPortBlog 9 Julian, Camille & Rudy   A FamilyLaceyPortBlog 8 Julian, Camille & Rudy   A Family
LaceyPortBlog 3 Julian, Camille & Rudy   A Family
LaceyPortBlog 4 Julian, Camille & Rudy   A Family
LaceyPortBlog 2 Julian, Camille & Rudy   A Family
LaceyPortBlog 1 Julian, Camille & Rudy   A Family

October 24, 2008 Where is Tracy?

BBCTX 1215 Where is Tracy?
If you have called the studio or emailed this week chances are it took awhile for Tracy to get back with you. Why? Tracy was hanging out at the studio all week with 7 other fabulous women photographers for a business boot camp. We all asked ourselves questions about our goals for ourselves and our business as well and making some choices to make us successful no matter what the economy does in the coming year.

Friday they all went out and shot some head shots of each other and this group photo. It was a blessing to have all these women at my place for 3 days and I can’t wait to start making changes in my business and personal life. Personally I hope to paint some walls at my house! If I can actually get it going I’ll post some updates in the coming months.

If you did call you may have spoken to Tiffeny the new studio assistant, more about her later as well as her wedding since it is only 1 week away!

October 17, 2008 Mrs. Latia Pacely

PaceleyBridalBlog1 Mrs. Latia PacelyToday Sarah and I are off at the YWCA of Fort Worth for Latia & Cortney’s wedding. These two sweeties are from Houston so earlier this week I hooked up with Latia for a trial run with her dress and a few quick bridal portraits. The wind would not cooperate with us so we searched out enclaves that protected us from the gusts and got a few really cute images. We also went to the water gardens in downtown a place I had not been in years! I forgot how cool it is so I may have to do some more sessions there soon. Here is a peek at her bridals and images from their wedding should be up soon.
PaceleyBridalBlog2 Mrs. Latia Pacely
PaceleyBridalBlog3 Mrs. Latia Pacely

TiffDevinEngBlog 1 Tiffeny & Devin   Engaged!Yesterday I got to go to the state fair again! I met up with Tiffeny and Devin in Deep Ellum for a few quick shots next to the bright and funky walls before we headed out to see Big Tex and eat tons of yummy junk food. We ate so much we joked by the time we were finished we were all having food babies. icon smile Tiffeny & Devin   Engaged!

Tiff and Devin are a great couple. They go to church with me and are part of our sharing life group for newly married couples. These two were just loving on each other and enjoying a night out as their wedding day quickly approaches. Those last few weeks can be so stressful but we left that behind and played in the fun house and rode some rides.

Oh, and just so you know. Tiffeny will be my new studio assistant starting next week! You might hear from her to confirm an appointment or other miscellaneous things so when she calls you can put a face to a name. Congratulations you guys and I can’t wait to have Tiff in the office!

TiffDevinEngBlog 2 Tiffeny & Devin   Engaged!
TiffDevinEngBlog 4 Tiffeny & Devin   Engaged!
TiffDevinEngBlog 3 Tiffeny & Devin   Engaged!
TiffDevinEngBlog 5 Tiffeny & Devin   Engaged!
TiffDevinEngBlog 6 Tiffeny & Devin   Engaged!
TiffDevinEngBlog 7 Tiffeny & Devin   Engaged!
TiffDevinEngBlog 9 Tiffeny & Devin   Engaged!
TiffDevinEngBlog 8 Tiffeny & Devin   Engaged!
TiffDevinEngBlog 10 Tiffeny & Devin   Engaged!

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