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September 29, 2008 Holly & Michael Engaged!

WagnerEngblog8 Holly & Michael Engaged!Holly and Michael are getting married next April and last week I was able to hang out with them and take their engagement photos. From the moment I met these two I knew we were going to hit it off and that their wedding would be fun. Michael is very easy going and cracked me up during the meeting with tons of questions from Holly planner.

We decided to explore the non-western side of the stockyards for their photos. The Fort Worth Stockyards is one of those locations that you can surpisingly leave out the cowboy theme and utilize the great walls, train tracks and just get a great vintage and old vibe. We also visited Heritage Park for some nice field images. This is a park that is quickly becoming one of my clients favorites.

Here are a few of my favorites!
WagnerEngblog2 Holly & Michael Engaged!WagnerEngblog6 Holly & Michael Engaged!WagnerEngblog7 Holly & Michael Engaged!WagnerEngblog4 Holly & Michael Engaged!WagnerEngblog3 Holly & Michael Engaged!WagnerEngblog5 Holly & Michael Engaged!WagnerEngblog1 Holly & Michael Engaged!

September 22, 2008 Mr. & Mrs. Brian Hodges

CeramiHodges 00210 Mr. & Mrs. Brian Hodges On August 30th Stephanie & Brian tied the knot in Dallas, Texas. This was almost a destination for these two as they have planned this wedding while living everywhere but here. Brian lived here in Irving for a part of their engagement but I don’t know how much planning he did. icon smile Mr. & Mrs. Brian Hodges

Stephanie planned as she was living out of state attending college for her Masters and her Mom helped from College Station. These two were finally able to reside in the same zip code right before their nuptials as they moved to Austin to be together, start new jobs and of course do all the last minute planning.

These two are just sweet on one another and they both have such a great sense of humor. I was truly blessed to work with these guys as they were super understanding and great even when I was in a car accident between their ceremony and reception! Sarah stepped up though and took care of these guys as she was shooting with me that day. There wedding was at Grace United Methodist of Dallas and was followed by an amazing reception at City Place Dallas. What an amazing view of the skyline! We always love shooting there.

Here are some of my favorites from their wedding day.

CeramiHodges 00204 Mr. & Mrs. Brian HodgesDiving into the dress and getting help from Mom with those finishing touches
CeramiHodges 00206 Mr. & Mrs. Brian HodgesCeramiHodges 00202 Mr. & Mrs. Brian HodgesBrian needs a little help from Mom too!CeramiHodges 00203 Mr. & Mrs. Brian HodgesCeramiHodges 00205 Mr. & Mrs. Brian HodgesStephanie’s Dad just grinned ear to ear when he laid eyes on his daughter for the first time in her wedding dress. So Sweet!CeramiHodges 00201 Mr. & Mrs. Brian HodgesNotes always get me choked up on the wedding day, especially when men write things that are just so perfect.CeramiHodges 00209 Mr. & Mrs. Brian HodgesThese two were cracking up during their ceremony, I couldn’t tell you why as thy shared this private moment with their backs to their guests but whatever it was they were loving it!
CeramiHodges 00211 Mr. & Mrs. Brian HodgesCeramiHodges 00213 Mr. & Mrs. Brian HodgesOh yeah, we sang “Eyes of Texas” and you know I joined in and threw up my Horns! Brian on the other hand chose to sport a different school and so they will most definitely have a house divided.CeramiHodges 00212 Mr. & Mrs. Brian HodgesThen the fun began! From cake, kisses and dancing we had a ball. Some of my favorite dancing shots of all time with their families just having a ball on the floor. They were awesome!
triptichodges Mr. & Mrs. Brian HodgesCeramiHodges 00214 Mr. & Mrs. Brian HodgesOne more couple who loves So You Think You Can Dance, 4 REAL!

blogbridal7 Stephanie Hodges   Model Bride A few weeks ago I shot the wedding of Stephanie & Brian Hodges and I will have a peak of their wedding photos later this week. Before that Sarah and I ran down to Austin one day for a bridal shoot at the capitol building. Here are some of the shots we took at our great state’s capitol of Stephanie.
blogbridal3 Stephanie Hodges   Model Brideblogbridal5 Stephanie Hodges   Model Brideblogbridal8 Stephanie Hodges   Model Brideblogbridal6 Stephanie Hodges   Model Brideblogbridal1 Stephanie Hodges   Model Brideblogbridal2 Stephanie Hodges   Model Brideblogbridal4 Stephanie Hodges   Model Bride

I cannot put into words how much it meant to me to see so many of my amazing clients, friends and members of the wedding industry out tonight at my opening. It was a pleasure to visit with all of you and if I missed you it is only because it was so packed! Tray Chic and Couture Cake Studio had fabulous food and everyone went crazy over all of it. Rafe & Jessica Grigar were the most perfect touch with their harmonic vocals and music. Our Artists work looks great on the walls and it will be hanging until the end of November if you missed us tonight.

Thanks again and I look forward to parties we hold in the future!

September 2, 2008 Amanda & Julian, Engaged!

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WilliamsEngagementBlog 00006 Amanda & Julian, Engaged!
Last week I spent an evening with these two in Fort Worth for some engagement pictures. Their wedding is coming up in January so they will be my first couple to tie the knot in 2009! We had fun hanging out, getting to know each other and talking up a storm. Amanda is very clear in what her picture of a perfect wedding day is: FUN! I know that it won’t fall short because I couldn’t think of a better word to describe these two ….besides hot! They were just loving on each other and having a blast and Julian kept the session light and easy. His grins melted my heart as he nuzzled on Amanda and her eyes are show stoppers for sure!

Congratulations Amanada & Julian and I can’t wait for the bridal and wedding day!WilliamsEngagementBlog 00007 Amanda & Julian, Engaged!WilliamsEngagementBlog 00005 Amanda & Julian, Engaged!WilliamsEngagementBlog 00001 Amanda & Julian, Engaged!WilliamsEngagementBlog 00004 Amanda & Julian, Engaged!WilliamsEngagementBlog 00003 Amanda & Julian, Engaged!WilliamsEngagementBlog 00008 Amanda & Julian, Engaged!
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