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blog1 Mr. & Mrs. Johnathan Saldana
On 8.15.2008 Stacy & Johnathan were married on a perfect day at Azle’s A&M Gardens. This venue is simply beautiful. This was my second chance to shoot here and I just loved it even more! We had kept our fingers crossed that rain would stay away and thankfully the weather could not have been better. It was cooler than we thought though as a result of the rain the night before and that was definitely a blessing.Stacy and Johnathan are the kind of couple that are just meant to be. When they are together they soften, smile a ridiculous amount, and just become one person. It is so fun to see how we are affected by those we love and this couple definitely affected one another. All the days nerves and worries quickly floated away when that curtain opened to reveal Johnathan’s Bride. Here are some of my favorites of the day and of course their wedding slide show!

Sarah joined me for this wedding and we got to change it up a bit! I spent most of the afternoon with Johnathan and the groomsmen which is rare for me and I enjoyed it so much. Sarah took some awesome images of Stacy’s getting ready. I think we both welcomed the change of pace and the challenge of newness!

blog3 Mr. & Mrs. Johnathan SaldanaSome groom prep and group shots by Me!
blog4 Mr. & Mrs. Johnathan Saldanablog2 Mr. & Mrs. Johnathan SaldanaI snuck in for a bit with the girls, ( I couldn’t help it) above is one I snagged of Stacy putting on her earrings and below one by Sarah of the darling ballet slippers Stacy wore.blog5 Mr. & Mrs. Johnathan Saldanablog6 Mr. & Mrs. Johnathan Saldanablog7 Mr. & Mrs. Johnathan SaldanaI just love the shot above! These two boys had character and were cracking me up all day long. They were just ready for their trip down the aisle.blog8 Mr. & Mrs. Johnathan SaldanaBoth these guys just beaming at one another!
(below by Sarah)blog9 Mr. & Mrs. Johnathan Saldanablog10 Mr. & Mrs. Johnathan SaldanaAnd then they were married and off to the party!blog11 Mr. & Mrs. Johnathan Saldana
ReznecikBest 00115 Mr. & Mrs. Chris Reznicek
Danielle & Chris were married at their home church in Keller and it was such a touching day. I can’t even count how many times I teared up. Their day was extra special because 8.9.2008 was also Danielle’s Grandparent’s 50th Wedding Anniversary! Isn’t that amazing? It was so awesome to see two couples, one at the beginning of their walk and another 50 years in to a loving marriage! It makes me smile just thinking about it.

Danielle is so sweet and honestly you just want to hug her. I just love the cute little faces she makes at Chris and he was just beaming at her. My favorite shot that Sarah got of the entire day was him just grinning after their first kiss as man and wife. Above is my favorite because, well look at it. They are obviously, totally and completely in love!

Their reception followed at the Colonial Country Club in Fort Worth. It is fast becoming one of my favorite local venues. It is just blocks from my studio and the staff, food and decor are beyond perfection. Here are some more of my favorite shots as well as their slide show:ReznecikBest 00020 Mr. & Mrs. Chris ReznicekDiving in to her dress!
ReznecikBest 00044 Mr. & Mrs. Chris ReznicekThese guys are just to cool!ReznecikBest 00069 Mr. & Mrs. Chris ReznicekDad giving Danielle awayReznecikBest 00087 Mr. & Mrs. Chris Reznicekphoto by Sarah Bunyard
There is that awesome grin I mention earlier right after their kiss!ReznecikBest 00090 Mr. & Mrs. Chris ReznicekOne kiss just wasn’t enough, they didn’t even make it out of the church before they were smooching again!ReznecikBest 00110 Mr. & Mrs. Chris ReznicekReznecikBest 00112 Mr. & Mrs. Chris ReznicekReznecikBest 00132 Mr. & Mrs. Chris ReznicekDanielle’s Father’s Parents share a kiss for their 5oth! The cake next to them is an exact replica of their wedding cake. They even cut it and fed one another. I seriously started bawling, I hope to make it to 50 years one day!ReznecikBest 00142 Mr. & Mrs. Chris ReznicekThey danced the night away and had a blast before runing off for their honeymoon!ReznecikBest 00185 Mr. & Mrs. Chris Reznicek

Full Screen Slide Show

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weddingblog3 Mr. & Mrs. Kris Kaemmerling
Sunday, Amber and Kris were married at the North East Wedding Chapel. Rachel (a former bride of mine!) joined me as assistant photographer for this wedding and she did a fabulous job. I hope to have her with me at weddings in the future!

Amber and Kris are so easy going and we all had a great time hanging out and getting these two married. They had a sweet little ceremony and you just couldn’t help but laugh at the great faces Kris made through out. These two both teach together at the same school working with hearing impaired children. That is how these two got together! Some of their students attended so they had an interpreter which was so cool to see during the ceremony. It is unbelievable to see the words and emotions of the day told by the hands of some one close to the two of them.

Amber and Kris are soft ball junkies. I had to track down this softball for this awesome ring shot which may very well be my favorite in awhile!
weddingblog2 Mr. & Mrs. Kris Kaemmerling I loved the entire day and I know these two are having a blast in the Bahamas this week. Here are a few of my favorite shots as well as their wedding slide show.weddingblog1 Mr. & Mrs. Kris Kaemmerlingweddingblog4 Mr. & Mrs. Kris Kaemmerling

August 10, 2008 Mrs. Danielle Reznicek

bridalblog6 Mrs. Danielle ReznicekTonight Danielle and Chris were married so I finally get to share some of her amazing bridal portraits. Danielle is such a sweetie and I feel so lucky to have shared in her wedding today. For her bridals we showed off her unique dress at the Museums in Fort Worth. It was a special session as her Dad joined us to see his little girl in her gown. I got some amazing images but perhaps my favorite is the shots I captured of Dad helping her with her dress. Enjoy and wedding images to come!

Congratulations Danielle and Chris!

bridalblog2 Mrs. Danielle Reznicekbridalblog1 Mrs. Danielle Reznicekbridalblog5 Mrs. Danielle Reznicekbridalblog3 Mrs. Danielle Reznicek
bridalblog4 Mrs. Danielle ReznicekDanielle in front of the studio! She was my first session after moving in. She made my building look even better. icon smile Mrs. Danielle Reznicek

August 5, 2008 Tae Turns 30!

blog 00003 Tae Turns 30!Tae is 30 and she is proud of it and I just love her for it! We got together this last week after her 30th birthday weekend bash and captured ALL her sides. Tae is silly, daring, funny, a kid at heart but still beautiful and breath taking.

She has a great sense of style and a love for shoes that I can totally understand. She had a monkey – a real live one – for her birthday and she brought a big stuffed one along for the shoot that was just plain fun. We started the day at Meecham airport and shot in front of a cesna air plane in the hangar which was a first for me. I could talk for a long time about this shoot because she is so multi dimensional and we had a great time laughing and hanging out.
blog 00008 Tae Turns 30!I think you will be able to see a good portion of Tae and how fun she is from the images I selected to share. Congratulations Tae on being 30 years young and knowing how to rock it!blog 00001 Tae Turns 30!blog 00002 Tae Turns 30!blog 00004 Tae Turns 30!blog 00006 Tae Turns 30!blog 00007 Tae Turns 30!blog 00009 Tae Turns 30!blogsequence+copy Tae Turns 30!

blog 00015 Tae Turns 30!blog 00005 Tae Turns 30!

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