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Let me count the ways I love this couple:

1. They are both super cute
2. Justin wore Chucks then Cowboy Boots to the engagement session
3. They got engaged at the museum while on a picnic
4. Teresa is tiny in the just right, fit into Justin’s arms kinda way
5. They will play in water
6. They are So You Think You Can Dance Fans (4-real)
7. They make funny faces
8. Teresa lights up any time she looks at her man
9. I love the way they love on one another

10. They picked me!

Blogtriptic Teresa & Justin Engaged!Shooting engagement sessions is always one of my favorite parts of the wedding process because I get to hang out and know my couple. These two really are super fun and I just loved so many of their images. I was trying to wait and post some favorite with a slide show but I just couldn’t. Here are some of my many favorite images.EngBlog 00008 Teresa & Justin Engaged!Fabulous Fun Ring Shot!

EngBlog 00009 Teresa & Justin Engaged!EngBlog 00001 Teresa & Justin Engaged!On the grass where both proposals took place.
The first time Justin had a blade of grass, the second he brought a diamond.EngBlog 00002 Teresa & Justin Engaged!EngBlog 00003 Teresa & Justin Engaged!These are some tough mean kids!

EngBlog 00004 Teresa & Justin Engaged!Look at them, I am so lucky! I get to work with people in love.

Congratulations you two! My first engagement session for 2009!
More to come!


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 While I was away on my honeymoon I got to play with my camera and do this fun dress trashing on St John. Vanessa was my second photographer for our wedding and Cristina’s sister. It was fun to be on the side of the camera I am most comfortable if even for a little while. These are some of my favorite shots. Enjoy!
WilliamsWed 00004 Destination: UnbridledWilliamsWed 00009 Destination: UnbridledWilliamsWed 00003 Destination: UnbridledWilliamsWed 00008 Destination: UnbridledWilliamsWed 00002 Destination: UnbridledWilliamsWed 00001 Destination: UnbridledWilliamsWed 00005 Destination: Unbridled

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Pellegrinoblog 00158 Mr. & Mrs. Jason PellegrinoMy two favorite shots of the day. Above right after the ceremony and below in their sweet vintage get away car.
Pellegrinoblog 00160 Mr. & Mrs. Jason PellegrinoRachel and Jason are CRAZY in love and that makes my job the BEST! How much fun is it to hang out with a couple that is so right for each other it makes you sick? It is sweet! Their wedding was so fun despite any bump along the way because of how he looks at her and how silly she is when in his arms. They laughed, danced and were entertaining to everyone in attendance and then they went to DISNEY WORLD! That’s right, they are truly kids at heart.
Best of all what drew Rachel to me was the music on my website (portrait site.) Her brother is the featured musician, John Lamonica in his band Tie Breaker. They are really great and Rachel felt our photographic friendship was fate. An even bigger compliment is that Rachel herself is a photographer and teaches photo journalism at a high school.Their wedding was at The Mediterranean Villa in Arlington. Double feature today: favorite images and a slide show.
Pellegrinoblog 00151 Mr. & Mrs. Jason PellegrinoSuper fun ring shot


Pellegrinoblog 00152 Mr. & Mrs. Jason PellegrinoWho is that girl in the mirror?Pellegrinoblog 00153 Mr. & Mrs. Jason PellegrinoJason is such a great Daddy!

Pellegrinoblog 00154 Mr. & Mrs. Jason PellegrinoDad’s first glance at Rachel before the Ceremony.

Pellegrinoblog 00155 Mr. & Mrs. Jason Pellegrino
They were both beaming as Rachel walked down that aisle.

Pellegrinoblog 00156 Mr. & Mrs. Jason PellegrinoPellegrinoblog 00157 Mr. & Mrs. Jason PellegrinoPellegrinoblog 00159 Mr. & Mrs. Jason PellegrinoJason was excited!
Pellegrinoblog 00162 Mr. & Mrs. Jason PellegrinoSexy Sun Flare
Pellegrinoblog 00161 Mr. & Mrs. Jason PellegrinoThese two were dancing fools!


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IMG 0029 2 Mr. & Mrs. Ryan McElvain
Kristin and Ryan were married on 6.21.2008. This couple is amazing because they have been together since high school! I know they look like they just graduated but they are a tad older than that and have been together for a very long time. I love that they have grown together as a couple .

Dawson and I shot this wedding together and we had a great time. Here are a few of our favorite images.PellegrinoFaves 00152 Mr. & Mrs. Ryan McElvainIMG 9192 Mr. & Mrs. Ryan McElvainIMG 4652 Mr. & Mrs. Ryan McElvainIMG 4861 Mr. & Mrs. Ryan McElvain
IMG 0385 Mr. & Mrs. Ryan McElvainIMG 0237 Mr. & Mrs. Ryan McElvainIMG 5127 Mr. & Mrs. Ryan McElvain

July 16, 2008 My Wedding Teaser

traceteaser My Wedding Teaserphoto by Cristina Wisner

My photographer sent me this over to tease me and of course wet my appetite to see some of my own wedding images. We had so much fun and I can’t wait to share the rest….JW and I got very wet as you can see. The best part is that the dress is fine! The trashing didn’t “trash” it. All it needs is a little steaming and it is good as new. In fact I will be wearing it next month for a little reception my husband’s Dad and Step Mom are throwing us.

More to come….as I get them. icon smile My Wedding Teaser
Thanks Cristina & Vanessa!

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