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May 28, 2008 Something Blue!

weddingshow00001 Something Blue!
Here is my something blue! On my wedding day at the beach I will be sporting these fun satin wedges. Wedding dresses are long so you hardly ever see your shoes so do something fun under that dress. As women we obsess over every aspect of our “look.” Why not do so and invest in something you can wear over and over. Besides….cute shoes always make for cute pictures. icon smile Something Blue!

When are you ever going to wear white shoes again? Come on girls…I dare you and if you take the plunge and sport some fun foot attire you will most definitely score a spot on the blog.

moniquejorge00001 Monique & Jorge: Married!Love this dress shot!

A few weeks ago Sarah, Dawson and I photographed these two as they got hitched in downtown Fort Worth. This was truly a family affair.

Their families were so sweet, fun and supportive all day long. From her brother doing her hair and make-up to her Dad and Step Dad walking her down the aisle, Monique was supported all day long. Jorge’s Mom & Dad gave such amazing words of advice at the reception…It was in Spanish so I am unsure what they said but the looks on their faces alone made me all watery eyed. This is what a wedding is about, the joining of two lives and their families. These two definitely have a great support system behind them.

Their wedding was beautiful and elegant but they partied all night at the Fort Worth Club before taking off to their Mexican Honeymoon in a carriage.

Here is a sneak peak of some of my favorite shots with more to come….

moniquejorge00002 Monique & Jorge: Married!Completely, definitely gorgeous!

moniquejorge00003 Monique & Jorge: Married!Jorge and his crew

moniquejorge00004 Monique & Jorge: Married!

moniquejorge00005 Monique & Jorge: Married!moniquejorge00006 Monique & Jorge: Married!
moniquejorge00007 Monique & Jorge: Married!Amazing Roses by Bridal Blooms
moniquejorge00008 Monique & Jorge: Married!Hot!

moniquejorge00009 Monique & Jorge: Married!
moniquejorge00010 Monique & Jorge: Married!
moniquejorge00011 Monique & Jorge: Married!
moniquejorge00012 Monique & Jorge: Married!

Congratulations you guys! We wish you all the best!

blogbridal11 Mrs. Monique Fierros a Model Bride I can finally unveil the new Mrs. Monique Fierro’s bridal portraits as she was married last night to Jorge. These two are off to Mexico today for their honeymoon but I am thrilled to finally show off a few of her in this great gown.

Monique is so sweet and has such a classic beauty that we were really able to show off her face and bone structure. These are a few of my favorite shots from her bridal. She reminds me of the 1940′s starlets in these first two images. We used her reception location, the Fort Worth Club and also an old warehouse outside of downtown. I love the dramatic lighting and her HUGE eyes.

I can’t wait to dive into her wedding images!
blogbridal21 Mrs. Monique Fierros a Model Bride
blogbridal31 Mrs. Monique Fierros a Model Bride
bridalblog42 Mrs. Monique Fierros a Model Bride
bridalblog52 Mrs. Monique Fierros a Model Bride

AshleePajak00011 Ashlee   Class of 2008
Last Saturday I had a rare weekend for May with no wedding. I spent the day with Ashlee for her senior pictures. Ashlee is a very artistic individual and we tried to bring that out in her photos. Her Mom has an in at the Gaylord Texan so we were able to shoot there for her prom dress shots. Usually it costs a small fortune to take professional pictures there so it was a rare treat!

We bummed around Grapevine and climbed up on a locomotive and around the train station for some more casual shots. It was H-O-T and her boyfriend Jino was a dear and ran off and got us water so we wouldn’t melt. It was the best tasting water I have had in ages! Thanks Jino! We took a few of them together as well since he was her ride for the day.

These are some of my favorites.

AshleePajak00006 Ashlee   Class of 2008

I absolutely love these two pictures…I think they are Ashlee.

AshleePajak00007 Ashlee   Class of 2008
AshleePajak00008 Ashlee   Class of 2008

AshleePajak00009 Ashlee   Class of 2008This is her look
AshleePajak00010 Ashlee   Class of 2008I caught Jino laying down in the shade while we were shooting and it actually inspired my first shot of Ashlee in the grass. icon smile Ashlee   Class of 2008

AshleePajak00001 Ashlee   Class of 2008
AshleePajak00002 Ashlee   Class of 2008

AshleePajak00003 Ashlee   Class of 2008Super HOT and FUN polka dot shoes! I want them and I did try them on.

AshleePajak00004 Ashlee   Class of 2008Inside a locomotive!
AshleePajak00005 Ashlee   Class of 2008One I took of the two love birds alone…it is not an engagement shot!
(thought I would clarify for Mom’s sake.)

BlogWalking Mr. & Mrs. Matt Bullard
Last weekend on May 3rd I spend the day in Weatherford with this couple. I have raved about them through out the entire wedding process and they were just as amazing on their wedding day. They are both very laid back and easy to be around and they also just like being close so it makes my job easy. They were so accommodating and gave me and my second shooter, Hansel, plenty of time with them after the ceremony to get some amazing shots. The one above is one of my favorites form their portrait session.

They got hitched at the Canyon West Golf Course in Weatherford at hole 5 near the waterfall and it was awesome. Perfect weather all around, not hot, no rain and beautiful blue skies. Afterwards we danced the night away at the open air pavilion to a live country band. The band was great and played so many good songs. These two sure can dance, FAST! I got so many fun shots of them just twirling around the dance floor. They ended the night and headed to Hawaii for their honeymoon.

Here are some shots from their day:
BlogDress Mr. & Mrs. Matt BullardBlogFlowers Mr. & Mrs. Matt Bullard

BlogMakeup Mr. & Mrs. Matt BullardBlogBefore Mr. & Mrs. Matt BullardLacie right before her walk down the aisle

BlogCeremony Mr. & Mrs. Matt BullardBlogMarried Mr. & Mrs. Matt BullardMarried at last!

BlogHay Mr. & Mrs. Matt BullardBlogDanceClose Mr. & Mrs. Matt BullardBlogCake Mr. & Mrs. Matt BullardBlogDanceFun Mr. & Mrs. Matt BullardThey were having too much fun!

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