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blog 5 Mr. & Mrs. Jack Sullivan
Last Saturday Jenifer & Jack were married at the Dallas Arboretum in MiMi’s Garden. It was my first wedding at the arboretum and it was absolutely lovely. I didn’t get to meet the couple until the week before the wedding and then I just met the Groom! Jack was so helpful and supportive and tied up all the final details the week of the wedding while Jenifer was working.

When we finally did meet on the wedding day Jenifer was such a delight. Her and her bridesmaids were stunning and it was obvious they were good friends. I loved her bouquet and the amazing details on the wrap. Jack was dashing as 1 Mr. & Mrs. Jack Sullivan
blog 2 Mr. & Mrs. Jack Sullivan
blog 3 Mr. & Mrs. Jack Sullivan
blog 4 Mr. & Mrs. Jack Sullivan
blog 6 Mr. & Mrs. Jack Sullivan

It was a perfect day and we prayed hard the rain would stay away and it DID! Blue skies and perfect temperatures. I am believing in the same for ALL my outdoor weddings this year.

These two just looked so happy.

blog 7 Mr. & Mrs. Jack Sullivan

blog 8 Mr. & Mrs. Jack SullivanThen we partied the night away at the Camp House with fine dining, dancing and great cake.

Congratulations you two! I know you are off in Mexico having the time of your life. Enjoy!

blog 9 Mr. & Mrs. Jack Sullivan

EngagementBlog 8 Rosa & Jaime Engaged!
Rosa + Jaime = HOT!
No seriously. This couple is too sexy. The image above says it all in my opinion. They really were fun to shoot because I couldn’t get them to stop kissing. These two have known each other along time but never hooked up until years later and now they are getting married later this month. They are blending their families bringing Jaime’s 2 boys and Rosa’s little girl together and I think it is a definite good match.

Besides being sexy these two were fun and playful and are my first couple ever to get into the fountain at the Kimball Art Museum. Jaime even played around and splashed her and she was a great sport. Last we took some shots in some Red Sox attire because Jaime is nuts about them. It is a great idea to include your man and his loves into the engagement shoot and I can’t think of a better way then throwing on a jersey for him.

Congratulations you guys! Here are a few of my MANY favorites. More to come on a slide show later this week.
EngagementBlog 1 Rosa & Jaime Engaged!DuoBlog Rosa & Jaime Engaged!EngagementBlog 5 Rosa & Jaime Engaged!EngagementBlog 4 Rosa & Jaime Engaged!EngagementBlog 7 Rosa & Jaime Engaged!EngagementBlog 6 Rosa & Jaime Engaged!

Blogengagement 3 Stacy & Jonathan Engaged! Last Monday these two and I bummed around and took some photos in the heat and humidity that creeps up on us. I don’t know how but I forgot how hot it is here in Texas until we got outside and started shooting. Some how the winter and fall makes us forget. We bared it and had some fun getting to know each other and taking on a few differnt locations.

These two are getting married in August at A&M Gardens. After some date switching this couple is all set and I think that it will all go smoothly and I believe that when things change they do for a reason. There new date is destined to have cooler, better weather and perfection all around.

Congratulations you two and I can’t wait to see you both again on August 15th!

Blogengagement 1 Stacy & Jonathan Engaged!Blogengagement2Acid Stacy & Jonathan Engaged!Blogengagement 4 Stacy & Jonathan Engaged!Blogengagement 6 Stacy & Jonathan Engaged!Blogengagement 5 Stacy & Jonathan Engaged!Blogengagement 7 Stacy & Jonathan Engaged!

April 23, 2008 Model Bride: Lacie

laciebridalcloseupsepiablog Model Bride: Lacie
Lacie is so much fun. Sometimes you just click with a person and from the moment we met I think we just worked. She is incredibly stylish and pretty (don’t you dare blush girl) and easy to talk to. Her great taste definitely includes her awesome fiance Matt but her dress blew me away. This amazing Maggie Sottero gown is just to much. It has a crumb catcher….yeah weird word and not a style we could all rock but perfect for her and the ever so feminine detailing just fits.

We took her bridal portrait a differnt route than most: Horse Stables. Behind my neighborhood there is a spot where you would think you were in the country. The wonderful people at one of the properties let us hang around and shoot in their barn and around the ranch. We stepped around the horsey poo and got some shots that I just wanted to faint over. Then for a twist we went to the Amon Carter.

These are some I LOVE and she gave permission to post them before her wedding on May 3rd. So, if you are looking Matt….. STOP!
TianaBridal 47 Model Bride: Lacie
TianaBridal 40blog Model Bride: Lacie
TianaBridal 60+copy Model Bride: Lacie
TianaBridal 88BLOG Model Bride: Lacie
TianaBridal 108blog Model Bride: Lacie

weddingblog 1 Mr. & Mrs. Chad Nothe Congratulations Chad & Nicole! They just got back from their Vegas honeymoon last night so I wanted to greet them with a welcome home gift. Some favorite photos from their April 11th wedding. Here they are!

weddingblog 2 Mr. & Mrs. Chad Nothe

weddingblog 3 Mr. & Mrs. Chad NotheThose are some dead sexy brides maids!
weddingblog 4 Mr. & Mrs. Chad NotheChad and his gang look pretty good as well.

weddingblog 5 Mr. & Mrs. Chad NotheThis one was fun because they couldn’t see each other before the wedding so we hid them around corners and snapped this shot about an hour before the wedding. No peaking!

weddingblog 6 Mr. & Mrs. Chad Nothe

weddingblog 7 Mr. & Mrs. Chad Nothe
weddingblog 8 Mr. & Mrs. Chad Nothe
weddingblog 9 Mr. & Mrs. Chad Nothe
weddingblog 10 Mr. & Mrs. Chad Nothe

weddingblog 11 Mr. & Mrs. Chad NotheYep, those are Nicole’s famous robot dance moves.
If you know her you understand that she just can’t help it.

I love you guys!
Sarah and I feel blessed to have been a part of your day.

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