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triptic Stephanie & Chris, Engaged! Today was such a fun day. Stephanie & Chris won a free engagement shoot from me at a drawing at Golds Gym in Arlington. These two are very entertaining and we couldn’t have picked a better spot to do their portraits. Stephanie actually took several photography classes through out college and Chris is a graphic designer in Dallas so the Museum District of Fort Worth fit them to a “T”.

I love couples with boldness. Chris started looking for something to jump off from almost the very beginning of the session so we found something that was a safe height and went for it.

These two will by getting hitched in June of 2009 and I really hope to be blessed enough to work with them again on their wedding. Congratulations you guys!

Here are some more images that I think rock!
blog 00011 Stephanie & Chris, Engaged!
blog 000072 Stephanie & Chris, Engaged!
blog 000062 Stephanie & Chris, Engaged!
blog 000051 Stephanie & Chris, Engaged!
blog 000042 Stephanie & Chris, Engaged!
blog 000032 Stephanie & Chris, Engaged!
blog 000022 Stephanie & Chris, Engaged!
blog 000013 Stephanie & Chris, Engaged!

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stephaniekeithblog 1 Stephanie & Keith PierceThe Gown and Shoes by Sarah

The Pierce Wedding was so beautiful! It took place in Denton at the Denton Bible Church where they have a great chapel for weddings and then the reception followed at the Denton Country Club in Azle.

Stephanie and Kieth are one of those couples that from my first meeting with them on a rainy day I knew they were special. God really lined them up to meet one another through their jobs in Krum ISD where they both teach and then he inspired a real honest love. It truly is the biggest blessing in my life to get to work with couples like them. Here are a few (OK, not a few) of my favorites that Sarah and I took this last Saturday.stephaniekeithblog 3 Stephanie & Keith PierceBridal Portrait of Stephanie in the Brides Room before the wedding with some dramatic lighting. I love it! It is so Hollywood.


stephaniekeithblog 4 Stephanie & Keith PierceKeith and his boys by Sarah
stephaniekeithblog 5 Stephanie & Keith PierceKieth and Stephanie had a special meaning in their service about their hands.
stephaniekeithblog 6 Stephanie & Keith PierceUnity Candle Prayer by Sarah
stephaniekeithblog 7 Stephanie & Keith Piercestephaniekeithblog 8 Stephanie & Keith PiercePlaying outside on the train tracks at Sunset
stephaniekeithblog 9 Stephanie & Keith PierceFirst Dance
stephaniekeithblog 10 Stephanie & Keith PierceThis was something fun. A newlywed game where the couple had to hold up a shoe for who be the one in the relationship to do a certain thing. Here I caught the only time they disagreed.
stephaniekeithblog 11 Stephanie & Keith PierceBouquet Toss

stephaniekeithblog 2 Stephanie & Keith PierceSarah always catches me at weddings doing things so here is one I took of her. HAH! I got you! I love my associate!

God Bless Stephanie & Keith! I know your marriage will be amazing!

March 15, 2008 Stephanie’s Bridal

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blog413 Stephanies BridalToday Sarah and I are heading to Denton to photograph Stephanie & Kieth’s Wedding. A few weeks ago I shot Stephanie’s Bridals in Fort Worth and I have been keeping them under wraps so as not to spoil the surprise of her dress.

We played at the Botanic Gardens of Fort Worth and then dabbled at the Kimbell Art Museum before heading down town. Stephanie is so much fun and her dress is amazing. I am a big fan of the pick up skirts because when photographed they ad so much texture to your dress.blog513 Stephanies Bridal
blog116 Stephanies Bridalblog315 Stephanies Bridalblog67 Stephanies Bridalblog215 Stephanies Bridal
I will post some fun shots from todays wedding later this week!

Blog+%281+of+6%29 Jennifer & Ryan, Engaged!
This weekend the crazy Texas weather took a break and it was semi normal. Honestly, ice and 6o degrees in one day is a bit much.

Saturday Jennifer, Ryan and I finally got to hang out and take some engagement pictures. These two live down in Austin and are a blast. The craziest thing is that these two have season tickets for the Texas games (football) and so does my Step Dad. Well I get to go to a few games a year and after Ryan described the outfit he wears to every game I know I have seen him more than once! It’s easy to stand out, even in a crowd of burnt orange, wearing orange corduroy pants.

Jennifer is such a sweetie and really knows how to put her man at ease and crack him up when necessary. We met up at the Dallas Arboretum and then headed to Deep Ellum for a few shots as well. These are some of my favorites.Blog+%283+of+6%29 Jennifer & Ryan, Engaged!Blog+%284+of+6%29 Jennifer & Ryan, Engaged!Blog+%282+of+6%29 Jennifer & Ryan, Engaged!Blog+%285+of+6%29 Jennifer & Ryan, Engaged!Blog+%286+of+6%29 Jennifer & Ryan, Engaged!