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August 9, 2007 Award Winning Photo!

PWGLightlyphoto 8 Award Winning Photo!
Well if the fact that I just had a relaxing and fun vacation wasn’t enough to to make today great I just got home from my local “PUG” meeting with a little something extra: an award winning photo!

“PUG’s” are monthly meetings for photographers in the area that use pictage for online proofing and ordering. We chat about what we are doing, how we can be better and challenge one another to expand. Next month I will be attending the national conference for pictage and each PUG (they are all over) had a photo contest to choose a photo to represent their region. My photo was chosen by my peers to represent Dallas Fort Worth Pictage Photographers.

YAY! Here it is, you may have seen it before and chances are you will again because this photo will be gracing all my advertisements in the coming year!